Nootropics Giveaway February 2020

Nootropics Giveaway February 2020

Yes, the giveaways are back. I admit I hit a lazy slump with the giveaways but now they’re back in action. For the month of February I’m offering you 2 chances to win. (and yes, these are REAL giveaways.)

To qualify for the first giveaway simply get on the email list. Sometime in February I will randomly select a winner from the list and ship the goods to you.

What am I giving away exactly? Phenibut FAA from Lift Mode. This particular brand of Phenibut is glorious and it’s the product I recommend time and time again. Once again, register on the email list to qualify. I’ve given this stuff away 2 times in the past, it’s always a favorite.

The SECOND giveaway will work differently…

This is a MODAFINIL giveaway – Modalert 200mg from ModafinilXL to be exact. I have some samples coming in and want to give back to hard working subscribers.

For this giveaway drop a review on one of your favorite Nootropics on the forum. Reviews must be at least 100 words or more to qualify. The idea with these reviews is to create a database of experiences that extend beyond my own. These reviews will ultimately be of great value to the community, especially newcomers.

People who leave a review on the forums will be entered in to a separate drawing pool. Exciting stuff right?

In particular, if you have experience with Modafinil leave a review on the User Experience Mega Thread. This is a thread dedicated to Modafinil reviews.

Good luck to you!

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