Modafinil Star and Afinil Express Close Down – WHY?

Modafinil Star and Afinil Express were 2 prominent vendors in the Modafinil industry. Both of them shipped out high quality Modafinil at competitive prices.

So why did they all of the sudden close up shop? Well, if you’re in business it’s fairly obvious. Either they were owned by the same person or they were getting their supply from the same source. That source could have went out of business or had legal issues. 2 back to back closures of 2 main Modafinil companies means something big is going on.

Luckily there are still other reputable Modafinil vendors. I’ve personally had great experiments with product from Buy Moda.

Let’s hope the remaining vendors continue shipping out high quality product!

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Is Modafinil Dangerous?

Modafinil is the most popular compound in the Nootropics market and heavily used by silicon valley moguls and the layman alike. It offers almost instant all day energy allowing you to crank out massive loads of work. If you’re new to Modafinil, you might be wondering about Modafinils safety profile. In this post I’m going to answer a few burning questions: Is Modafinil safe? What are the dangers? Can you use Modafinil long term?

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Neo Modafinil Vendor Review

my review of Neo Modafinil
Product from Neo Modafinil

A few months ago I ran across a thread on Reddit. The user wanted to know if Neo Modafinil was a legit Modafinil Vendor or a scammer. Shortly after I was contacted out of the blue by the company asking if I’d be willing to recommend their products. I said I’d be happy to if they would send me product samples. This is the process I put all companies through before I start recommending them to subscribers.

Most companies happily oblige and send me a small sample of their Modafinil. Neo Modafinil was the only company who sent me all 4 of the main versions of Modafinil. They sent me samples of Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil. I was surprised to see such a bountiful sample pack.

This right away painted the company in a good light, at least for me. They were willing to send away lot’s of product without being cheap or stingy about it. I spent the next week testing the stuff. My test for Modafinil is very easy. Having experimented with the compound many times I can quickly deduce whether or not the product is good. My first test is chewing the tablet. Modafinil has a signature unmistakable taste you can’t miss. My second test is noting markers for things like wakefulness and mood enhancement. My third test is the urine test, Modafinil when it leaves the system produces another unmistakable odor.

Finally, any decent Modafinil will keep me up through much of the night. Even if I take the Modafinil early in the day it will surely produce insomnia later in the night. This is largely a pain in the ass but I haven’t found a way around this side effect except for taking a sedative of some sort like Etizolam. I don’t however like overloading my brain with too many chemicals at once. One way I’ve found works is simply halving the tablet and taking a 100mg. 200mg is probably too much for the average person and you can save a lot of money taking a half dose, and increase your chances of getting a restful nights sleep.

I can say the product from Neo Modafinil passed all of these tests. It is good stuff indeed.

One cool thing about the company is they accept credit cards. You see many Modafinil companies moving to strictly Bitcoin but somehow Neo Modafinil is able to process Visa and Mastercard. This is a great option if you don’t want to haggle with cryptocurrency to pay for your goods.

As far as shipping times go it’s pretty much a standard 1 – 2 week wait time. All Modafinil comes from India and must pass through customs before it is passed on to you. In the case of the United States, packages can stay in customs for up to a week before they are approved. Nevertheless, I’ve never had a problem ordering Modafinil and packages always arrive within the 1 – 2 week time frame. 1 week would be lightning fast delivery in my opinion.

Overall I can give Neo Modafinil the Gonootropics golden seal of approval. They’re a great company who ships high quality Modafinil.

Check them out here.

Thanks for reading and drop a comment if you have any questions.

How To Spot Fake Modafinil


The other day I crack open my inbox to find an email from a hater. At this point I’ve had a few of these and while haters mostly show up in the YouTube comments, they do occasionally grace my inbox.

He was “calling me out” and said he was going to EXPOSE me for the fraud I was.

I’m like, okay buddy, you do that. I continued to read his long email in complete astonishment that I alone caused this man so much distress. He was going full mental!

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Securing high quality Modafinil these days can be a challenge. You get super stoked when you find a vendor only to hit a brick wall when it comes to paying for product. Most Modafinil vendors only accept Bitcoin or other complex payment methods. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a vendor who accepts credit cards? In the case of, they do. This is a major differentiating factor other Modafinil vendors can’t compete with.

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