TruBrain Review | 7 Days of TruBrain Part 3 (Final Verdict)

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This post marks the last review and final verdict regarding my experimentation with TruBrain. It’s been an exciting 7 days using this stack and there have been ups and downs.

Let’s start with some positives. First, I like the fact that you can feel TruBrain working straight away. Using both the drink packets and the capsules, both forms of the formula had a decent kick from day 1. The drinks are particularly tasty, much more palatable than the usual suspects (5 hour energy.)

I love the ingredients in TruBrain. Most of the listed ingredients are nootropics I frequently talk about on a regular basis and generally stack well together. Both the drinks and the packets deliver a nice boost in mood and it’s easy to sustain focus for hours at a time. I found myself happily engaging on a social level. This is Something I typically avoid as most social situations repulse me and I must exert willpower to socialize. You tend to realize the nootropics must be working when it’s the other person trying to eject from the conversation haha. Like I said, there is a strong mood boosting and somewhat pro-social element to the stack. Your mileage may vary.

Overtime however I found myself becoming quite irritable. The racetams in particular have a tendency to do this. I can handle continued Piracetam use but the Oxiracetam for me was a bit much and made me manic. I do take Oxiracetam but in very small doses, or if I’m fatigued. It’s extremely¬†stimulating for my brain. Too much so in large amounts.

And while I love L-Tyrosine, this is not something you want to take everyday even though this is something TruBrain recommends. L-Tyrosine competes directly with Serotonin for absorption into the brain and the extra amino acid on either side wins. In simpler terms, taking L-Tyrosine daily can deplete Serotonin levels overtime and cause anxiety and insomnia among other things. I found this out first hand a while ago.

There are also 2 ingredients in TruBrain which you build tolerance to. The first major one being caffeine and the second L-Theanine. These compounds lose their potency over time and are best cycled. This is another reason why TruBrain should not be used as a daily driver.

Overall the stack is decent, it tastes good, and delivers results. I just don’t think it’s something to take everyday.

The final verdict? If you have the money and don’t want to spend countless hours researching and testing powders then TruBrain is a solid option. It’s got real nootropics inside, nootropics I endorse. However, keep your expectations in check because these pre made stacks can disappoint (or completely blow you away depending on your brain chemistry.)

I would like to give TruBrain a shout out and big thanks for sending me some of their product for an honest review. Their customer service is stellar. From the time I reached out to the time I got the product was a matter of days. I’m still waiting on product from a number of companies who have said they’d ship me samples. I have yet to see anybody else come through on their agreement. Mad props!!

Oh yeah, and if you want to register for the giveaway click here. 

TruBrain Review | 7 Days of TruBrain Part 2


In the first post of this review I talked about my initial reactions experimenting with the TruBrain original drink packets. In this post we flash forward in time to shed light on days 2 – 5 of using both the drink packets alongside the TruBrain nootropic pills.

As mentioned, TruBrain separates their nootropic products into 2 packets. They have the original formula consisting of a general racetam stack and then a separate boost formula based on Noopept, Oxiracetam and Uridine Monophosphate. According to TruBrain you are to start with a loading phase. In the box you have 2 packets, one packet you take in the morning on an empty stomach and then a second afternoon packet. The “boost” packets and drink mixtures are to be used in conjunction with the original formula when you feel you need that extra energy.

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TruBrain Review | 7 Days of TruBrain Part 1

TruBrain Review Part 1

Periodically I get comments or messages from people wanting to know my opinions about certain pre made nootropics stacks. Many people do not want to buy raw nootropics powder for a number of reasons. The thing is, I completely sympathize with them even though the majority of my supplementation is powder. With the powder I can easily control my dose and experiment with my own stacks. A big slice of the people who follow my videos and blog however will never get this deep into nootropics. They want a pre made stack that just works and don’t want to mess with powder and scales.

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