Gaia Yellow Vietnam Review

my review of gaia yellow vietnam

Lately I’ve become quite fond of Kratom and trying out all different strains. I’ve mostly stuck to red veins but on this recent order from Gaia I threw in a few curve balls, including a strain called Yellow Vietnam. I had no idea what Yellow Vietnam was but the name caught my eye and I went for it. It sounded intense, like it carried the heaviness of the Vietnam war deep in its roots.

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Using Kratom for your depression

Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asia and has found its way across the world into the hands of people with serious illness and disease. Most notably, Kratom has been successfully used to taper off hardcore prescription painkillers and heroin. While Kratom has not yet been accepted into the mainstream, it has reached legendary status in its impressive circle of supporters.

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Gaia Super Green Malay Kratom Review

gaia super green malay kilo

Gaia Botanicals boasts an impressive variety of Kratom strains. Recently I purchased 3 different types, one of which was their signature Super Green Malay. Alongside the SGM I also got Red Dragon (read review here) and a Red Maeng Da.

Both the Red Dragon and the Red Maeng Da blew me away and I assumed the SGM would also. After multiple doses and attempts to find a dose that agreed with me, I concluded that this particular batch was not for me.

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