The Legendary Potency Of MACA Root

maca root mountain top
The legendary MACA plant only grows on the tallest mountain tops.

My first introduction to MACA was in my early 20s at a time when I thought it impossible to get any hornier than I already was. Now, you’ll have to excuse the language throughout this post but when we talk about MACA, we’re talking the number 1 aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer with loads of studies to back it up. I mean, I’m talking so horny I could barely think. The last time I remember being that horny I was a freshman in high school on the bus praying my boner would go down before it was my stop. Every bump and vibration in the road was duly noted. We’re talking a seriously relentless drive of sexual energy, the kind where you think you’re about to explode.

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Pine Pollen…Seriously?! Benefits and Review

my review of pine pollen

One thing I love about the supplement and super food industry is the crazy stuff they introduce to the market. When I heard Pine Pollen entered the industry as the next great super food I had to pause. Are they talking about that yellow stuff coating my car year after year during the spring seasons? Are they talking about those yellow cones from the sappy trees I climbed during the youthful days?

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My Favorite Nootropics Stack of 2018


2018 has been a break through year for me and nootropics. There’s a certain level of frustration when you start getting into nootropics. Many people including me have found that lots of nootropics simply don’t work and are horribly ineffective. Fortunately I did not let my initial failures deter me from continuing my experiments with nootropics because I’ve found a lot that DOES work quite well.

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Alpha Brain Ingredients Complete Breakdown


Nowadays there are grips of premade nootropics stacks to choose from. I’ve reviewed many of them including the popular TruBrain. New people to nootropics probably don’t remember when Alpha Brain was introduced to the market – it was revolutionary for its time. In fact, Alpha Brain served as my first introduction into the world of nootropics and I soon dove headfirst into much more powerful nootropics like Piracetam.

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