How To Buy Nootropics With Bitcoin

If you’ve ever bought nootropics online you might have noticed many vendors accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The largest vendor Nootropics Depot accepts bitcoin as does Modafinil Star and Gaia Botanicals Kratom.

Many of these vendors offer steep discounts if you pay with Bitcoins.

So what’s going on here?

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Best Nootropics According To Reddit

Everybody wants to start off with nootropics that just work. The truth is, there’s a lot of garbage stuff out there and many nootropics are hit or miss in terms of effects.

In this post I highlight a few top Reddit comments discussing the best nootropics on the market.

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Mood stabilizing nootropics for leveling the bi-polar brain

Photo credit: Kenrocks

In todays post I’m going to discuss my favorite nootropics for stabilizing your mood when you find yourself cycling between deep depression and mania.

Because let’s be honest…

There is too much madness and chaos we must go through in this world to not have a level head. Everyday we come face to face with conflicting personalities, drama at work, annoying phone calls, bills, haters on YouTube (LOL) and a ton of other stressors. All of this weighs heavy on our minds and clouds us from thinking clearly, remaining calm, and making stable decisions.

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Take a break from everything

Photo credit: sick pea deviant art.</>

I saw an interesting post on AskReddit today. The question was simple:

Would you stay in an isolated room for 30 days with nothing but food, water, and a toilet for 5 million dollars?

On the surface it seems like a no brainer. OF COURSE you would. When you start to dig deeper though, you realize the challenge is much harder than you would assume. Solitary confinement has been well studied and the effects to the psyche can be catastrophic. Complete isolation and sensory deprivation leads to a host of psychological problems including psychosis, hallucinations, increased risk of suicide, anxiety, and panic attacks. These symptoms can crop up in as little as 3 days. In other words, it’s much harder than you think it would be. Oh yeah, no clock to tell the time and no windows! I’m going stir crazy just thinking about it now.

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Nootropics For Exercise AKA BANGERS!

Dogger in serious need of a couple bangers

Spring time is around the corner and summer is slowly approaching. That means pool parties, girls, going to the river, the beach, and generally wearing less clothes as the sun slowly bakes you to a golden crisp. When you gracefully drift down the river or lounge in the pool, will you be looking like a golden chiseled God or a floating turd?

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