Full Review of Phenibut From Lift Mode

In this post I’m going to discuss my experiences using both Phenibut HCL and FAA from Lift Mode. Perhaps you’re ready to pull the trigger on getting some Phenibut for yourself but you want the best, and you’re wondering if Lift Mode is a decent vendor.

The thing I struggled with the most when I first got in to Nootropics was finding reliable vendors for all the things I wanted to try. My first introduction to Nootropics was through a company called Peak Nootropics. I ordered a few things from them most notably Piracetam. In fact, the massive sack of Piracetam I bought from them lasted me years!

I then went on to discover Nootropics Depot who I later learned was basically the standard of the industry. They had almost every Nootropic under the sun.

When I discovered Phenibut I noticed they only stocked Phenibut HCL capsules. I was looking for Phenibut FAA in powder form. I had heard people were finding greater success with this particular version of Phenibut. It was on some random Forum where I first heard about Lift Mode.

I tried their Phenibut FAA powder and never looked back.

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Long Term Phenibut Usage Strategies

If you’re a strong positive responder to Phenibut you probably wish you could use the compound every single day. The Phenibut glow is second to none and blows standard Benzo type compounds like Xanax out of the water. Phenibut crushes anxiety while also leaving the brain in a functional state.

While daily Phenibut use is a pipe dream there are strategies you can implement to take Phenibut as much as possible. The thing about daily Phenibut usage is the tolerance problem. If taken everyday the Phenibut will become less effective, causing you to take even more of the compound. Before you know it you need 2+ grams a day to achieve the same glow you experienced on 200mg. You better hope you don’t run out of Phenibut at this point.

The key to long term Phenibut usage is discovering how much Phenibut you can get away with taking while minimizing the negative downsides.

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Why You Will Never Find Phenibut at GNC

About as much help as you’ll get at your local GNC

It would be very nice to find Phenibut locally at a local store. There are some nootropics you can get at your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe but most of the heavy hitters will remain unstocked. The reason for this is simple. Companies do want to take on the extra risk. For the most part, everything you find at GNC will be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fish oils, and protein powder. In other words, only the safe compounds. This is good news if you’re looking for something like L-Theanine L-Tyrosine, or Alpha GPC. In fact, you can probably even find a handful of adaptogens like Bacopa or Rhodiola.

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How Long Does Phenibut Last?

nootropics depot phenibut review

Phenibut is the hallmark anti anxiety nootropic developed by the Russians as part of the USSR Cosmonauts medical kit. Like Russian Vodka, this stuff kicks like a donkey. Phenibut completely crushes anxiety while allowing the brain to operate on a normal level. Compare this to your standard run of the mill benzodiazepine like Xanax and you’ll see why Phenibut is a far superior compound. Phenibut delivers all the benefits of traditional anti anxiety medications without burning your brain to a crisp.

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