Can You Stack X Nootropic With Y Nootropic?

phenibut phenylpiracetam combo stack

I field lots of questions from new Nootropics users both in email and via the YouTube comments. A good chunk of those questions concern taking X Nootropic with Y Nootropic.

Questions like…

Can I stack Phenylpiracetam with ALCAR?

Can I take Phenibut and Modafinil?

Do the racetams stack well with Noopept?

The thing is, there is no clear cut answer to these types of questions but I can give some seasoned advice having years of taking these compounds. The answer is of course YES, you can combine any Nootropics you want. The question is whether or not those stacks are going to give you any positive results.

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The Only Unsponsored Qualia Review On The Internet

If you’re new to Nootropics you’ve probably been funneled into the idea of buying one of these premade Nootropics stacks like Alpha Brain and Qualia. Perhaps you’ve been sold on their marketing campaigns which promise increased brain performance and limitless potential. Looking at their site you can clearly see just how carefully formulated and rigorously researched the stack is – every ingredient hand selected by the greatest scientists of our time. And who wouldn’t believe them when there are pictures of scientists peering through microscopes on every page? Many of the supplement brands and Nootropics influencers like Ben Greenfield have been payed well to promote the product, shilling it at cringe level frequencies.

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