The Subtle Synergy of The L Theanine and Caffeine Power Stack

Finding the right nootropics stack is hard. A lot of new users frustrate themselves by purchasing a ton of different nootropics and then take them all at once. This is a recipe for disaster and leads to questions like, “Are there any nootropics stacks that actually work?”

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Phenylpiracetam and Phenibut COMBO Stack

phenibut phenylpiracetam combo stack

The other day I get a call from a client for a job that required serious logistical and technical ability. For the most part I can pretty much take everything that’s thrown my way in my profession, but certain jobs still give me anxiety because I’m unsure of the outcome. I sometimes doubt my problem solving skills and ability to get the job done even though I have an outstanding track record. In my head I begin to play out the worst case scenario. I imagine the whole project going to shit. I do this for hours on end. Anxiety at its finest!

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My Favorite Nootropics Stack of 2018


2018 has been a break through year for me and nootropics. There’s a certain level of frustration when you start getting into nootropics. Many people including me have found that lots of nootropics simply don’t work and are horribly ineffective. Fortunately I did not let my initial failures deter me from continuing my experiments with nootropics because I’ve found a lot that DOES work quite well.

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