The Subtle Synergy of The L Theanine and Caffeine Power Stack

Finding the right nootropics stack is hard. A lot of new users frustrate themselves by purchasing a ton of different nootropics and then take them all at once. This is a recipe for disaster and leads to questions like, “Are there any nootropics stacks that actually work?”

For new users to nootropics I always recommend Caffeine and L Theanine. The synergy of this stack is nothing short of remarkable. I know this stack works because I am extremely sensitive to caffeine. Coffee makes me anxious, irritable, and non tolerant of people around me, especially if I haven’t eaten. My anxiety levels are measurably increased. EVERY time I take L Theanine with my coffee the experience is a million times more pleasant. My overall sense of calm is unshaken. Best of all, all the positive aspects of the Coffee/Caffeine experience remain intact. The energy, the increased social aspects, and the motivation remain largely untouched.

With L Theanine you get all of the upsides of the Coffee and Caffeine with zero of the downsides. The L Theanine and Caffeine stack is nothing short of ultimate synergy.

It’s also a stack well tolerated across many users. For the most part nootropics are extremely subjective. What works for some people does not work for others. This is not the case with Caffeine and L Theanine. It’s generally well accepted in the nootropics community as one of the best nootropics stacks of all time. Sure, you get some people who don’t respond well to L Theanine but almost everyone agrees something magical happens when you take these 2 compounds together. L Theanine and caffeine go together like yin and yang, Bonnie and Clyde, Gin and juice, butter and bread, peanut butter and jelly.

L Theanine and Caffeine dosage ratio

The golden L Theanine to Caffeine ratio is 2:1 favoring double the L Theanine to the Caffeine. A standard cup of coffee contains anywhere from 80 – 100mg of caffeine. If you really want to dial in your dosage you can purchase caffeine tablets or powder where you can incrementally adjust the dose.

While this 2:1 ration is often recommended, I’ve personally found higher doses of L Theanine are preferred. L Theanine is much more pronounced at the 400 – 800mg range. While smaller doses will mitigate the negative effects of Caffeine, higher doses allow you to experience the true nootropic and ultra calming effects. At 400mg the mind goes into a zen like state where focusing comes second nature.

How L Theanine works with coffee

When you drink coffee the body releases adrenaline, inhibits GABA, increases Cortisol, and prevents the inhibitory neurotransmittor Adenosine from binding in the brain. Almost everything about Coffee and Caffeine are working to keep you in a heightened and anxious state of mind. L Theanine coaxes the brain to enter into an Alpha wave state. Alpha brain waves are associated with feeling calm and focused. These same waves are observed in monks who are deep into meditative trances. L Theanine also stimulates production of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. GABA is responsible for feeling calm and centered. In many ways L-Theanine comes through and cleans up the mess after Caffeine has run amok through your brain. Caffeine is the accelerator and L Theanine is the brake and steering wheel. When used together the brain operates at a nice steady pace. Not going too fast but not going too slow either.

What I love about L Theanine is it’s not sedating. It’s a strange kind of calm focused energy. You could easily take the L Theanine by itself and be totally switched on, focused, and calm. It’s a nootropic I always have close by.

L Theanine stacks

The L Theanine and Caffeine stack hogs a lot of the spotlight but L Theanine goes great with many other compounds. It stacks very well with any stimulant. Stimulants by their nature come with a host of negative side effects with anxiety being perhaps the number one. L Theanine stacks great alongside these stimulating compounds. I talk about nootropics like Modafinil, ALCAR, and Phenylpiracetam. These are all stimulating nootropics and benefit from the calming nature of L Theanine.



L Theanine and Caffeine is a true powerhouse synergy stack. If Caffeine and Coffee give you anxiety, you cannot underestimate the power of adding L Theanine into the mix. It stacks well with many nootropics and easily one of the most well rounded and safer compounds in the nootropics industry.


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Ryan Tralmer
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