My Experiences Using Taurine

My bottle of Taurine

Taurine is one of those compounds with a lot of mystery and false assumptions behind it. Energy drink manufacturers have been putting the stuff inside their products for years leading people to think it’s this crazy stimulating agent. Most notably, Red Bull is one such company and probably the first thing people think of when Taurine is mentioned.

The truth about Taurine is the exact opposite of what most people think. Taurine is an inhibitory essential amino acid and boasts a ton of benefits. It actually calms you down which is why Red Bulls offer a unique energy experience over pure caffeine or coffee. Taurine is found mostly in animal products such as fish, eggs, and red meat. It supplies the brain and body with the nutrients required to synthesize a host of crucial processes. Taurine is a potent anti oxidant and anti inflammatory compound. It’s a precursor to the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA 1. We see that in depressed individuals, Taurine concentrations are much higher suggesting it has a role in managing Depression2.

Most interesting, Taurine offers the diabetic person a host of benefits. In those with Type 2 Diabetes , Taurine improves the insulin response and increases insulin sensitivity.3 Taurine improves the function of the eyes and retina. It improves overall kidney and liver function.

Overall, Taurine is a powerful supplement to keep around your medicine cabinet and comes in very handy – especially if you’re prone to overthinking, anxiety, and general neuroticism. I’ve been using Taurine consistently and have made a few observations I’ll touch on below.

Taurine dosage

I’ve had this bottle of Taurine sitting around for quite some time. Initially I started with the recommended 500mg dose on the bottle. This delivered somewhat limited results. I did feel a small sense of calmness but not much. I did this for a couple days before writing it off as another failed supplement.

Recently I came across a Taurine thread on Reddit and decided to give it another shot. Many of the self administration reports suggested a dose range of 1.5 – 3 Grams. I took 2 Grams in the morning alongside my standard cup of coffee.

Taurine effects

At this dosage Taurine comes alive with acute sedative effects. I’ve long heard Bodybuilders and athletes praise Taurine as a preworkout supplement but frankly, this stuff puts me on the couch. I like to cycle for exercise and I actually had to force myself on the bike. I knew I needed to get my ride in but the Taurine had completely knocked me on my ass. This was surprising as I generally have low expectations for anything you can get at a local vitamin shop. There is one study showing increased athletic performance when using Taurine. I did feel fine once I got on the bike but it really took maximum effort not to just chill for the rest of the day. For this reason I only use Taurine after my exercise.

I also found Taurine eliminates all the negative effects of caffeine intake, much better than L-Theanine in my experience. My usual level of anxiety had been greatly reduced. I did not experience any notable boosts in mood. While I found Taurine fantastic for anxiety, it does blunt energy levels to a certain degree. Pairing it with some sort of stimulant is most advised, especially if you’re already a low energy person. A Taurine + Phenylpiracetam or a Taurine + Modafinil combo is very effective. You get a nice stimulant effect while maintaining your chill.

How to take Taurine

Taurine, like most amino acids, is best taken on an empty stomach. Other amino acids present in food can compete with Taurine for absorption. If you want to start with a very low dose you can shoot for 500mg. Like I mentioned however, it’s not until you push the higher doses (2 Grams) that Taurine truly becomes an acute force of nature. Taurine is very safe and higher doses are well tolerated.


Overall Taurine is an effective supplement to have. It’s an extremely versatile amino acid and brings lots of benefits to the table. Highly recommended for anxiety, maintaining energy, reducing fatigue, ensuring proper magnesium absorption, and maintaining healthy insulin levels. Stacks well with stimulants.

Drop a comment if you have any questions.



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3 years ago

What is a good taurine dosage regime for my heart failure condition? Amount and frequency.. thank you

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael

Probably at least 1-2 grams per day. Then work your way up to four grams a day along with Dr Christophers Hawthorn Berry syrup and some exercise. And Read how to reverse heart disease by Dr ignarro, as you may want to incorporate L-Arginine as well

2 years ago

I am just surprised with less information about taurine. And I need to tell you, your article is gold for me. I came from a reddit post very interesting. Now I’m feeling like a fearless adventurer experiment. I’ve been around for 3 or 4 weeks taking a lot of grams/day. Starting with a fag recommended dose and going up to 3g before workout and another 3g after workout 1 week, and last 3 weeks with 4g/4g totally 8g/day and I am feeling pretty good at all. I am more strong, more fast, more wise, more sensitive to sexual stimulation and for relaxation than before. Now I am just wanting to push it to same limit behind and I simply don’t find information about this damn substance. I will push to 10g/day and God have mercy in me.
If I still alive in 2 weeks we’ll talk. Wish me luck! Sorry for my very bad English.

2 years ago
Reply to  Denis

Bro thats a very interesting write up. Your english is well did you do did you experiment with higher doses?

2 years ago
Reply to  Denis

Hey how did your experiment go?

Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper
1 year ago
Reply to  Rose

He died.

11 months ago

Thanks so much. Love your site and articles

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