Privacy Policy

I take your privacy and security very seriously on the site and collect only minimal data. The following is a break down of what is collected from you and how it is used.

Information collected

The Gonootropics web server collects information related to your connection to the server. Such information includes your IP address, the page you requested, the current time, and what browser you are using. On the site I have a contact form and also an email opt in form. These forms collect your name and email address and are used for the sole purpose of communicating between me and you.

Cookies uses cookies to track how users interact with the site through Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics allows me to make the site better and reveals data I can use to offer a robust user experience. None of this data is personal to you and includes things such as the time you spent on the site, how many pages you viewed, who referred you, etc. Please read the Google Analytics privacy policy for a complete overview of what data may be collected from you.

Distribution does not share the information stored on the server with any third party companies.

External sites and affiliate disclosure

I link to external sites some of which will track sales for affiliate commissions. These sites use cookies to track your progress through the checkout process, in order to register a commission on my end.

Additional resources

If you have any questions or comments please send me an email at or use the contact form located on the blog.


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