The Only Unsponsored Qualia Review On The Internet

If you’re new to Nootropics you’ve probably been funneled into the idea of buying one of these premade Nootropics stacks like Alpha Brain and Qualia. Perhaps you’ve been sold on their marketing campaigns which promise increased brain performance and limitless potential. Looking at their site you can clearly see just how carefully formulated and rigorously researched the stack is – every ingredient hand selected by the greatest scientists of our time. And who wouldn’t believe them when there are pictures of scientists peering through microscopes on every page? Many of the supplement brands and Nootropics influencers like Ben Greenfield have been payed well to promote the product, shilling it at cringe level frequencies.

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Noopept 2019 Reloaded Review

noopept review

In this post I dive deep into my experiments with the Russian synthesized nootropic Noopept. Noopept is for sure an all time classic nootropic and a definite staple in many nootropic cabinets. It sees widespread use in the nootropics community with some users absolutely swearing by its raw potency. I too fall in this camp of users as I will illustrate throughout this write up.

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Temazepam 30mg Experience Report

temazepam review and experience


Tonight I crack off a post under the heavy influence of a particularly interesting hypnotic compound called Temazepam. (I might cross post this to Erowid.)

Temazepam (Restoril) is a hypnotic drug in the Benzodiazepine class of compounds used specifically for insomnia. I’ve used it a handful of times and will occasionally partake in a nice dose for recreational purposes. Talk to anyone who knows anything about Benzos and they will tell you Temazepam is one of the best in the business. They are also extremely difficult to come by and from what I’ve heard, doctors simply aren’t prescribing them like they used to back in the golden days. CHERISH THEM if they ever grace your path.

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The Legendary Potency Of MACA Root

maca root mountain top
The legendary MACA plant only grows on the tallest mountain tops.

My first introduction to MACA was in my early 20s at a time when I thought it impossible to get any hornier than I already was. Now, you’ll have to excuse the language throughout this post but when we talk about MACA, we’re talking the number 1 aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer with loads of studies to back it up. I mean, I’m talking so horny I could barely think. The last time I remember being that horny I was a freshman in high school on the bus praying my boner would go down before it was my stop. Every bump and vibration in the road was duly noted. We’re talking a seriously relentless drive of sexual energy, the kind where you think you’re about to explode.

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