Modafinil Star and Afinil Express Close Down – WHY?

Modafinil Star and Afinil Express were 2 prominent vendors in the Modafinil industry. Both of them shipped out high quality Modafinil at competitive prices.

So why did they all of the sudden close up shop? Well, if you’re in business it’s fairly obvious. Either they were owned by the same person or they were getting their supply from the same source. That source could have went out of business or had legal issues. 2 back to back closures of 2 main Modafinil companies means something big is going on.

Luckily there are still other reputable Modafinil vendors. I’ve personally had great experiments with product from Buy Moda.

Let’s hope the remaining vendors continue shipping out high quality product!

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Why You Will Never Find Phenibut at GNC

About as much help as you’ll get at your local GNC

It would be very nice to find Phenibut locally at a local store. There are some nootropics you can get at your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe but most of the heavy hitters will remain unstocked. The reason for this is simple. Companies do want to take on the extra risk. For the most part, everything you find at GNC will be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fish oils, and protein powder. In other words, only the safe compounds. This is good news if you’re looking for something like L-Theanine L-Tyrosine, or Alpha GPC. In fact, you can probably even find a handful of adaptogens like Bacopa or Rhodiola.

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Ceretropic Closes Down

Today I regret to inform the community again about another nootropics vendor hitting the dust. Ceretropic set themselves apart from other vendors by offering oral and intranasal versions of nootropics and stocking nootropics like Semax, Selank, Tianeptine, P21, and other novel noots. Although Ceretropic did not disclose their reason for shutting down, I do know it’s very difficult to operate a nootropics business. Businesses frequently run into credit card processing issues and SITSA certainly is not helping.

I am sad to see them go and their closing feels like another nail in the nootropics coffin. In the meantime, there is always Nootropics Depot.

That is all.

How SITSA Is Going To Effect Kratom, Nootropics, and RC Drugs

The United States government is at it again with their archaic logic and actions regarding our right to choose what we put in our bodies. The SITSA act aka the “Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017” is the latest act put forth by the dinosaurs in the House of Representatives. The act proposes an amendment to the ancient Controlled Substances Act of 1970, an already outdated act responsible for the incarceration of millions of non-violent drug offenders, and billions of dollars wasted.

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YouTube Cleans House and Suspends Kratom/Nootropics Channels

Today I woke up to an email from YouTube informing me that my YouTube channel (Gonootropics) had been suspended for violating community guidelines.

Actually, I received 2 emails. The first email was regarding a SECOND strike on my account for a Modafinil video I uploaded. I was thinking…okay, that sucks but my channel is still up. At that point I already had it in my mind to create second backup channel and shoot a video telling my subscribers what was going on. If shit did hit the fan at least I would still have a percentage of my most loyal subscribers on the new channel.

Then the second email came in flat out telling me my the channel had been suspended. Oh snap.

Other channels effected as far as I can tell:

  • Carpo719
  • Menthol Kratom
  • Kratom Hippie

Custom Grow 420 was also closed down and deleted. YouTube is not messing around.

What’s going on?

After receiving and appealing my first community strike months ago I knew the channel was in a seriously vulnerable position. Nootropics is not a mainstream topic of discussion and YouTube had already been making it very clear that the platform was favoring advertisers over creators. If you remember, the adpocalypse created a huge shift in the companies perspective on content as major advertisers LEFT the platform because of the types of videos YouTube was allowing their ads to run on.

When the money leaves you begin to scramble to find a solution. That solution for YouTube was demonetizing wide swathes of videos across an impressive landscape of genres and topics. Many creators making a living off their videos saw their revenues sink dramatically overnight. Luckily, I didn’t depend on the channel as a major source of income.

Moving forward

I’ve taken the first steps and submitted an appeal. I believe I have a good shot at getting the channel restored, knock on wood. What people don’t understand is these wide swathe deletions are bots going through and executing a process. Humans are not involved. Making an appeal gets the channel in front of a real person. With any luck, they will read my pathetic words of groveling and restore the channel to former glory.

If YouTube decides not to restore the channel, I will explore other avenues for my videos.

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