Pure Nootropics Restocks Phenylpiracetam

Pure Nootropics Restocks Phenylpiracetam

In an inspiring turn of events Pure Nootropics has restocked their supply of Phenylpiracetam as of 1/25/2022. This is exciting for a number of reasons. The obvious reason is of course, most of us love Phenylpiracetam and love to see it back in stock. But I’d say more importantly this signals a positive indicator that the supply chain is alive and well.

We’ve heard Nootropics Depot cite supply chain issues time and time again when pressed about when the racetams are coming back, although lately their strategy is simply to say nothing at all. I’ve long suspected they want to distance themselves from the racetams. 

Since the supply chain comprises many different moving parts, all of which must work together, saying “supply chain issues” actually says very little about the true problem. As I’ve said in previous posts, the business I work for certainly saw issues during the height of the pandemic with our Chinese manufacturer, but these problems have largely been resolved. Our cargo gets shipped and released more or less in a reasonable time frame. I don’t think the excuse that all stock is simply sitting out in a cargo ship waiting to be unloaded is valid as of 2022.

Pictured: The secret Racetam supply route

The fact that Pure Nootropics resupplied their Phenylpiracetam while Nootropics Depot has not could indicate ND actually has no intentions of restocking – although I’ll happily eat my words if this proves not to be the case. Perhaps Pure Nootropics is dealing with another supplier and has a special way to get these racetams into the country – it’s possible. Doing business overseas has showed me that there are ways around such problems.

However, while Pure Nootropics managed to restock their Phenylpiracetam, their Piracetam still remains out of stock. This indicates there actually is a problem with Piracetam specifically that does not effect the other racetams. This could be regulations set by China to limit manufacturers or regulations elsewhere.

Certainly this is a glimmer of hope for the Nootropics industry although as we know, there is no telling when the next speed bump will surface.

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1 year ago

What exactly are racetams.. and what nootropics have you got and i’m kinda dealing with a traumatic brain injury so the acetyl choline i read about seems to be the way to go ??? I’m also on adderall will they be compatible my memory is fading 😟

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