What A Phenibut High Feels Like

I’m high as hell man

When it comes to nootropics Phenibut sticks out as one of the more “hardcore” varieties. All over the internet you see tales of people taking Phenibut and having either a negative experience or an experience too intense for their liking.

Having taken Phenibut and many other illicit substances in my life I will shed light on the Phenibut High.

The High

I’ll first start off by expressing my deep love for Phenibut. It’s one of those nootropics that just work and I can always count on Phenibut to alleviate my anxiety and allow me to blast through the day in a good mood.

With that said, does Phenibut really get you high? In my opinion Phenibut is great at knocking out anxiety while allowing you to be fully functional. In fact, that’s exactly why the Russians synthesized the compound. They needed something like a Xanax without the brain fog and confusion. I must say, they hit the nail on the head with this one.

For me, Phenibut is the perfect mood booster. Having experimented with Xanax, Cannabis, Alcohol, MDMA, and other traditional style “drugs” Phenibut feels nothing like these compounds in terms of feeling high. There is a certain boost in mood that somewhat mimics taking a low level Xanax but you feel fully functional.

However, this doesn’t discredit the negative experiences of other people. It is true that certain people do not react well to Phenibut. Remember, this is a compound effecting the chemistry of your brain. Everybody has a unique chemistry meaning drugs will effect all of us differently.

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My personal experience with the Phenibut high

Some people get high as hell on Phenibut. Others feel nothing at all. Me? Phenibut provides me with a nice mellow mood boost. I become much more social with the people around me and the world becomes a bit brighter and cheery.

In this sense, Phenibut does make me feel “high” in the way that my mood is boosted. However, the high does not overtake my rational thought processes nor does it prevent me from operating a motor vehicle or getting work done. You can’t exactly say the same for other drugs like Alcohol or Cannabis where the effects of the compound are extremely pronounced.

Because indeed, we’ve all felt the high from drugs like Alcohol and Cannabis and can attest to the powerful consequences of taking too much of these compounds. Some will argue that Cannabis is a fairly benign drug but I consider the effects extremely potent especially with today’s high THC strains and concentrates.

Phenibut is a perfect balance of feeling good while being able to maintain your cool in public, not drawing any unnecessary attention to your behavior. If you find that your body chemistry agrees with Phenibut, you will notice the prosocial and mood boosting benefits of the nootropic. If Phenibut doesn’t agree with you, you’ll notice the negative effects, perhaps becoming tired, drowsy, or irritable.

The Phenibut high comedown

Anything effecting your mood in a significant way will not be without consequences. A good dose of Phenibut will have an effect for a solid 18 hours and you’ll experience an after glow for another 24. After this time the effects wear off and you’ll probably experience a little rebound anxiety especially if you’re already an anxious person to begin with.

Some people also report headaches and brain fog although I’ve never personally experienced any of these symptoms. Be prepared for a few negative emotions to surface and don’t fall into a cycle of redosing. This is a recipe for disaster and major brain drain.

Stop trying to get high on Phenibut

If you’re aim is to get high on Phenibut I can guarantee there are much better alternatives out there. Phenibut is a great mood booster and general feel good nootropic but there is no comparison to real drugs. Go to your local drug dealer if your aim is to get messed up and knock yourself off your rocker. Otherwise, see Phenibut for what it is – a great mood booster for some and a terrible experience for others. Take note of the after effects and do not abuse Phenibut. There are horror stories out there of people taking Phenibut in very large doses for a long time. This can lead to a complete shutdown of your natural feel good neurotransmitters and will take a while to recover as you fight your way through the withdrawal period.


Give Phenibut a shot if you want to test out a nootropic with serious potential. Once again, the aim with nootropics is not to get high. It’s to improve your mental performance and reach goals and milestones in your life. Sitting around getting high will net you zero dollars and zero life experiences. Think about where your life is headed and use nootropics and drugs wisely.

Until next time!


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15 days ago

Well summed up. Similar experience here, the drug can be invaluable _tool_ in life. Annoying to see some abusing it. It’s a potent pharmacology – to be taken seriously.

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