Is Piracetam Dangerous?

A legendary nootropics expert digging deep into the archives to determine just how “dangerous” Piracetam is

I got into nootropics a long time ago. One of the first nootropics I experimented with was Piracetam. I don’t know how I initially came across these new types of brain supplements but at first I had concerns. My main concern was of course taking an illicit white powder that I had to weigh on a scale. This to me sounded like serious business and I was wondering the same exact thing as you…

Is Piracetam dangerous? I mean, it’s not FDA approved and it comes in a crystallized white powder. Plus the sites that sell this stuff look completely unprofessional if we were being honest with ourselves.

With these reservations in mind I decided to order the powder anyways with the confidence I gained from reading lots of positive user experiences.

It turns out that Piracetam is not dangerous at all and it’s one of my favorite nootropics.

But let’s not take my word for it. Let’s dive into some Piracetam scientific studies to prove that there are no dangers.

Piracetam dangers demystified by scientific study

Below are a few studies showing the positive benefits of Piracetam use.

Piracetam aids in learning disabilities like dyslexia

It was found that Piracetam significantly increased the level of verbal fluency in students with dyslexia. Not being dyslexic myself I found that Piracetam is a wonder substance when it comes to verbal fluidity. It’s as if all the words I want to use can be accessed at a moments notice. If you struggle with finding the right words in social situations Piracetam will give you the confidence and verbal agility to always know the right thing to say.

Piracetam helps the brain recover from Alcohol abuse

Alcohol wreaks havoc on the brain and destroys crucial synapses responsible for critical thought processes. Piracetam was shown to reorganize these broken synaptic pathways to help the brain recover from long term Alcohol abuse. One of the hallmark traits of a good nootropic is neuroprotective qualities. Perhaps out of all the nootropics Piracetam exhibits the most neuroprotective ability. While Alcohol poses a major danger to the brain, Piracetam presents no danger at all and in fact, is good for the brain.

Piracetam prevents cognitive decline in elderly patients

Elderly individuals suffering from a range of cognitive conditions benefit from a strict Piracetam regiment. Individuals showed marked improvements and a variety of cognitive tests and memory exercises. Some people say Piracetam only works if you’re operating at a mental deficit. I think this is partially true. The thing is, who isn’t operating at a mental deficit these days? With the foods we eat and the neurotransmitters we have burnt by the constant stream of social media and other drugs have certainly taken a toll on us.

Are Piracetam dangers overblown?

Sure, this crystally white powder certainly looks as if there is something truly dangerous about it. And sure, there are lots of studies to back the efficacy of using Piracetam. That does not discount the fact that there are many users who have experienced negative effects from taking Piracetam.

Does this mean Piracetam is dangerous however? Let’s cover a few of the symptoms.

Dangerous Piracetam side effects?

One of the major side effects reported by users is the classic Piracetam headache. This has has been largely accepted as a deficiency in Choline. Combining Piracetam with a high quality Choline source is necessary for some individuals to prevent these types of headaches.

Another symptom is brain fog. Despite supplementation with Choline some people cannot shake a certain level of brain fog. Experimenting with dosage and the ratio of Choline to Piracetam is crucial at this point. If all options have been exhausted and the brain fog persists, Piracetam is not for you and should be stopped immediately.

Depression and anxiety are other symptoms reported by those in the nootropics community. The funny thing is, some people hail Piracetam as an Anti-anxiety/depression wonder substance (this has been my experience) while others experience the complete opposite. However, you cannot shy away from these anecdotal reports despite many people and studies showing the opposite. When it comes to the brain everybody is different and will obviously experience difference effects from using the drug/substance in question.

I will say this to those of you who are bi-polar. Piracetam has a good chance to make you go full blown manic and then result in a deep depressive crash. If you have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder I would recommend staying away from Piracetam. Having a full blown manic episode could prove to be a real danger depending on how far you swing on the spectrum. Manic episodes can lead to abusing other substances like Alcohol and we all know the type of dangers that imposes on you and others.

Buying high Quality Piracetam to reduce dangers

Even though Piracetam is well tolerated by most individuals it’s still important to purchase from a reliable source. Some vendors have been run out of business for shipping powders that were something completely different. This is not only bad business but very dangerous for the person getting the powder. Measuring out a dose for one nootropics when it’s a completely different substance could prove very unpleasant and even deadly.

Many vendors have came and gone but Peak Nootropics is a vendor I always buy my Piracetam from. They’re a very reliable vendor with a long track record of providing high quality nootropics. They’ve even expanded their product line to include capsules. This makes it easy to ingest the nootropics and to ensure you’re getting the right dose without purchasing a scale. Capsules are a great first step for those just getting into nootropics.


After looking at the studies and anecdotal reports I will say Piracetam has some negative side effects but is in no way dangerous. Not a single overdose has been reported despite thousands of people experimenting with this very popular nootropic. Contrast this with hard drugs like Alcohol and heroin and you will see a true example of something that has danger baked right into its nature.

If you haven’t experimented with nootropics and are on the fence about it, I recommend picking up some Piracetam and testing it out for yourself. After all, self experimentation is where all the fun is at! Don’t let someone else’s experience be a determining factor for you, especially when the potential for serious brain gains is so high!

Watch this video for more details about my experiences using Piracetam:

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