FedEx No Longer Shipping Kratom Products

FedEx No Longer Shipping Kratom Products

Some of you may have received an email from Happy Hippo regarding a change in shipping providers. Since as far back as I can remember, HH has used FedEx to offer reliable shipping. The nice thing about the FedEx shipments was they always came super fast – usually in 2 days. They delivered straight to your door and you never had to wait a long time to get your loot. At my apartment complex this was most ideal because USPS packages always go to the office, and there’s only a small window during the day I can go to pick it up.

Unfortunately FedEx now refuses to ship Kratom products, and the proof is right on their site under the big list of items they won’t ship:

FedEx Kratom

There’s no telling when FedEx made this change but Happy Hippo stated they’ll be switching to UPS by February 19th. UPS service is unlikely to be as expedient as FedEx, but time will tell. Kratom users – keep your fingers crossed other courier services don’t follow suit!

Interesting times indeed.

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