Welcome To Gonootropics. It's Time To Clear The Fog. 

Do you feel stuck with a foggy/under-performing brain? The brain you're born with doesn't have to be the brain you're stuck with. Nootropics enter the mind like a high powered leaf blower to clear the debris and reveal the synaptic machine hidden beneath the gunk....

I want you to get started fast ​but first there's a few things you need to know about this site:


Every month I give away nootropics. Click here and enter for your chance to win all kinds of Nootropics. I've given away Modafinil along with pretty much every other Nootropic you can think of. 

Nootropics Guide

If you're completely new to Nootropics I recommend reading my guide. It lays the groundwork for proper experimentation and fills you in on what you can expect to get out of Nootropics in general. 

The Blog

Before I was even making videos I was blogging about Nootropics. I am constantly releasing new content on both the blog and the You Tube channel. Check the blog periodically to see the latest updates. 

MASSIVE thanks for checking out the content! If you'd like to reach out, use the contact form or send a direct email to fallon (at) gonootropics (dot) com.