Best Nootropics For Parents!

What is going on?

Fallon here with some seasoned Nootropics advice for all you parents out there.

Do you have kids? Are they driving you bonkers? Are you losing sleep? Are stress levels mounting to dangerous levels? Having kids is hard enough but working full time alongside raising kids is a double whammy…

How do you manage this madness?

The following list of Nootropics are must have compounds for any parent.

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Top 10 Nootropics At Nootropics Depot!

Nootropics Depot is easily one of the most reliable vendors in the industry and recently have been cranking out some impressive stacks. Below I’ve compiled a list of some of my personal favorites from this heavy hitting vendor. 1.) DynaMax – A potent combination of Caffeine, L-Theanine, and a compound called Methylliberine. The capsules contain both an immediate … Read moreTop 10 Nootropics At Nootropics Depot!

Modafinil Star and Afinil Express Close Down – WHY?

Modafinil Star and Afinil Express were 2 prominent vendors in the Modafinil industry. Both of them shipped out high quality Modafinil at competitive prices. So why did they all of the sudden close up shop? Well, if you’re in business it’s fairly obvious. Either they were owned by the same person or they were getting … Read moreModafinil Star and Afinil Express Close Down – WHY?

Powder City Returns From The Dead? (2019 Update)

Powder City

Powder City gained massive traction and built a highly respected name for themselves in the Nootropics industry. They stocked pretty much any Nootropic you could think of, including compounds like Tianeptine. This caught up to them and they ended up crumbling under the heavy load of one particular lawsuit involving Tianeptine and the death of a 28 year old man. Full story here.

Their website had remained closed for quite some time after the lawsuit. Just for fun I punched in their URL to see what would happen. I was greeted with a completely different website layout. In fact, I looked at the URL to make sure I typed everything correctly. The old site had a distinct design, logo, and layout, and this surely was not it. Yes, I had typed things correctly. This WAS Powder City but something was going on…

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