Modafinil Star Vendor Review


Nootropics exist in a strange space where vendors are constantly rising and falling. Big giants like Powder City have been taken out by lawsuits and Modafinil vendors pop up and disappear like whack-a-moles. Modafinil Cat was the first quality vendor we had until they closed up, giving rise to Duck Dose. When Duck Dose shut up shop I thought surely the Modafinil supply chain was dead in the water.

That’s when I found Modafinil Star. At First I was skeptical but over time the company has proved to be one of the best vendors for Modafinil I’ve ever come across.

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Nutrition and Supplement Hacks To Recharge and Stabilize Your Mental Health

Photo credit: Kenrocks

Recently I’ve made a ton of changes to my lifestyle that are profoundly impacting my health in a positive way. My anxiety in particular reached a point where I needed to assess what I was allowing into my body. Mental health is a narrow road that when deviated from, sends you to the depths of the abyss. There are certain people who for some reason are blessed with extraordinary mental health, and it doesn’t matter what they eat or what activities they engage in. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not one of these people, and since you’re reading this you’re probably not either. For us, we must stick to the narrow road.

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Phenylpiracetam and Phenibut COMBO Stack

phenibut phenylpiracetam combo stack

The other day I get a call from a client for a job that required serious logistical and technical ability. For the most part I can pretty much take everything that’s thrown my way in my profession, but certain jobs still give me anxiety because I’m unsure of the outcome. I sometimes doubt my problem solving skills and ability to get the job done even though I have an outstanding track record. In my head I begin to play out the worst case scenario. I imagine the whole project going to shit. I do this for hours on end. Anxiety at its finest!

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CBD Distillery 500mg Full Spectrum Oil Review

I recently purchased a bottle of CBD oil from CBD Distillery to test out. I’ve been a fan of high CBD products for a while now and I kept hearing buzz about CBD Distillery and how their oils were the best in the market. Well, I had to purchase a bottle and find out for myself of course.

Like most CBD companies these days the website left much to be desired in terms of education. Nowhere do they state how much you should take, or how to measure your dose. In fact, they almost gave you zero reasons to buy CBD in the first place. Where was the knowledge?

I especially wanted to know how many milligrams of CBD I was getting per drop, or per droppers worth. After digging through other customer questions I finally came across a forum thread where someone had broken it down and discovered each drop contained approximately 3mgs of CBD. Okay, but that still doesn’t answer the question about how much CBD you need for a proper dose. Every other supplement has a recommended dosage. Further research into this revealed that there is no standard dose or recommended amount. It’s basically the wild wild west when it comes to CBD oil.

On the back of the bottle however there are instructions to take 3 – 4 drops per dose. Sticking to our 3mg per drop theory, that’s about 9 – 12 mg per serving according to the instructions. Every study I’ve ever read on CBD, they used at least 200mg in the tests. If an effective dose was indeed 200mg I would be blowing through a $35 dollar bottle of this stuff every other day. This is indeed some expensive shit!

I had my doubts but figured the other positive testimonials were good enough to make a purchase. I assume the industry is still young and not enough data has been gathered to know about proper dosages.

The day it came in the mail I cracked it open and gave it a sniff test. Good CBD oil should smell like marijuana, like you just opened up a fat bag of the home grown good stuff. And this oil definitely smelled good.

I took 10 drops under the tongue which is roughly 30mg of CBD. The oil tasted good, like Cannabis.

It must have been 10 minutes when I felt a nice wave of calm wash over my body. The days stress melted away. Yes, this CBD was very calming. The effects lasted for a couple hours. I resampled the goods. Once again, stress seemed to melt away although this time it made me quite drowsy. I chilled on the couch for a bit just absorbing the moment and feeling totally relaxed. I knew this oil would become part of my daily regiment. Well, maybe not daily considering the price!

Overall I think this is great CBD oil and worth the money. Out of all the products on the CBD Distillery website their oils are hands down the best. Stay FAR away from their vape pens, which I will be doing a separate review on soon.

Until next time…

Gaia Yellow Vietnam Review

my review of gaia yellow vietnam

Lately I’ve become quite fond of Kratom and trying out all different strains. I’ve mostly stuck to red veins but on this recent order from Gaia I threw in a few curve balls, including a strain called Yellow Vietnam. I had no idea what Yellow Vietnam was but the name caught my eye and I went for it. It sounded intense, like it carried the heaviness of the Vietnam war deep in its roots.

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