Ceretropic Closes Down

Today I regret to inform the community again about another nootropics vendor hitting the dust. Ceretropic set themselves apart from other vendors by offering oral and intranasal versions of nootropics and stocking nootropics like Semax, Selank, Tianeptine, P21, and other novel noots. Although Ceretropic did not disclose their reason for shutting down, I do know it’s very difficult to operate a nootropics business. Businesses frequently run into credit card processing issues and SITSA certainly is not helping.

I am sad to see them go and their closing feels like another nail in the nootropics coffin. In the meantime, there is always Nootropics Depot.

That is all.

How SITSA Is Going To Effect Kratom, Nootropics, and RC Drugs

The United States government is at it again with their archaic logic and actions regarding our right to choose what we put in our bodies. The SITSA act aka the “Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017” is the latest act put forth by the dinosaurs in the House of Representatives. The act proposes an amendment to the ancient Controlled Substances Act of 1970, an already outdated act responsible for the incarceration of millions of non-violent drug offenders, and billions of dollars wasted.

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Welcome To The New Gonootropics Video Channel

What’s cracking? As you may (or may not) know my YouTube channel was deleted recently and I’ve been scouring the internet for a suitable alternative. I’m excited to announce the videos and giveaways have been given new life thanks to D Tube. You can check out the new channel here. Be sure to subscribe and look out for new content. You can also bookmark the video section of my blog where I’ll be uploading every video I put on D Tube. Thanks for checking it out!

Where To Buy Modafinil In 2018

my review of Artvigil

Modafinil remains one of the greatest productivity supplements you can take. On Modafinil, you experience nothing short of pure action and raw productivity where tasks and projects magically complete themselves. Modafinil has become a staple for entrepreneurs and anybody required to work long hours. As a normal human, working long hours completely drains you mentally and physically. As a human on Modafinil, you demand even more work load.

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