Lift Mode Discontinues Phenibut

Lift Mode Discontinues Phenibut

In a big piece of industry news, Lift Mode has chosen to discontinue Phenibut from their line of Nootopic Products. On November 15 2023 the company released the following statement:

Dear Valued LiftMode Customers,

It is with deep regret that we announce that we have had to discontinue the sale of our Phenibut products.

For over ten years we have fought hard to support autonomy, and to keep well-being decisions in the hands of the individual. We have striven to provide (and preserve) access to the newest, purest, most research-backed and impactful ingredients with an unwavering commitment to quality and lab testing.

We have kept our ears and minds open to what our customers want, and we put our talented team of biochemists and nootropics specialists to work, consistently developing new formulations to meet these needs.

These guiding principles remain unchanged.

At the same time, the FDA and public sector agencies have steadily and strongly increased actions aimed at curtailing the remaining availability of Phenibut – making unmistakably clear they prioritize and will aggressively enforce their earlier finding and ruling that: “phenibut does not fit any of the categories of dietary ingredients under the The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Any dietary supplements that declare phenibut as a dietary ingredient are misbranded”.

The costs and consequences associated with these conditions and developments have left us with no viable option than to permanently end the sale of Phenibut, effective immediately. We humbly apologize for the inconvenience this may represent for many of our customers, and pledge that we will do our absolute best to continue to develop new offerings and continue to be of service to you looking forward.

Such a statement should come as no surprise considering the nature of Phenibut and the always remote possibility of legal action. Just take a look at what happened to Powder City. Years ago we saw Nootropics Depot begin to step away from some of the more problematic Nootropics in an effort to keep a healthy distance from the always-attentive eye of the FDA. Even though Phenibut remains an unscheduled compound, growing companies like ND and Lift Mode are taking action to ensure they put distance between them and the legal gray area substances which arguably built their business. Both companies have taken strides to produce unique Nootropic stacks that don’t generate the heat of something like Phenibut. Consider Nootropics Depot was just fined 2.4 million dollars and it’s not hard to see the writing on the wall for the many compounds we’ve grown to know and love.

What does this mean for getting Phenibut? Many are wondering where to buy Phenibut now that the biggest vendor has discontinued the product. Since Phenibut still remains unscheduled, you’ll continue to see smaller vendors assume the risk of carrying inventory. I personally have not taken Phenibut for years so I can’t offer recommendations, so I will refer you to our Discord server where there are many members who can offer you a source.

Once again, this is another dagger in the heart of the industry but none of us can say we didn’t see it coming.

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