Will Nootropics Depot Restock Racetams?

Will Nootropics Depot Restock Racetams?

Premiere Nootropics vendor Nootropics Depot has seen some ups and downs recently as they struggle to keep up with inventory demands. Of particular concern are the racetams, Nootropics that for ND are here today gone tomorrow with lot’s of confused and frantic customers annoying them on Reddit with resupply questions:

While ND has not released an official statement, and the owner seemingly staying quiet on purpose, many are speculating, with theories ranging from supply chain issues to regulations. Some say just relax, they will have more soon.

Can we relax though or is this the end? In the recent weeks we’ve seen Science.bio announce their soon to be closure (although they still seem to be open), and we’ve witnessed other vendors like Pure Nootropics bleed out of Nootropics like Phenylpiracetam as hoards of people sniffed out their supply like truffle pigs.

In all this we also have Peak Nootropics, who at this point are starting to resemble the local mattress store that’s been in a perpetual state of closing for 2 years:

You’d be hard pressed to find Piracetam or Phenylpiracetam anywhere right now, and even heavy hitters like Lift Mode have run out of their most popular products like Phenibut FAA.

I would like to chalk this up to simple panic buying but I’m not sure that’s the case, although it might partially be true.

A while back we saw Nootropics Depot shift away from the synthetic products, putting Nootropics like Piracetam and Phenylpiracetam to the back end of their site in favor of their natural product line. This set off an alarm in my brain. Why put your most popular best selling products on the back end where they’re hard to find?

At this moment I knew Nootropics Depot wanted to hit the mainstream. They caught a case of SOUL DOUBT and turned their backs on the likes of Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, and Phenibut – shamelessly shoving them up into the bell tower to hide their hideousness from the public eye like Quasimodo. After everything these Nootropics did, only to be cast to the side, rode hard and put away wet with not the slightest explanation.

Pictured: Nootropics Depot racetam storage facility.

Ultimately they want to shift away from the problematic Nootropics. They forecasted a future where they could no longer rely upon these Nootropics to stay either legal or available. Overnight they could be out of business if they did not innovate, this is why you see the shift and the constant innovation of bringing other Nootropics to the market.

Good for them, bad for us. Sorry, but you’re never going to top the racetams for brain performance but  good business move.

I work for a business that manufactures their products in China. Certainly at the height of the pandemic we saw serious problems with the supply chain and the time it took to have products made and delivered, but our most recent orders have come through like a breeze. Our stuff no longer sits in a cargo ship for months waiting to be unloaded at the port like the pandemic days. With this knowledge I don’t see supply chain issues being a problem, unless the problem lies at the manufacturing level.

Perhaps China has cracked down on synthesizing these products, or perhaps the way they are handling the pandemic is causing slow downs. Businesses run into all kinds of problems, maybe the cost of manufacturing has risen to a point where it’s not worth it economically. We can only speculate.

Here’s an old article from 2020 I found about India having problems sourcing key ingredients from China. 

Does this apply in 2022? It’s hard to be certain but I suspect a combination of problems. Perhaps manufacturing, perhaps regulations in China, perhaps stricter scrutiny from U.S. customs, or maybe ND is just hoping they can kill off their line of racetams for good. We know credit card processors do not like working with companies selling these “designer” brain enhancers. ND now has a line of natural products that give them the mainstream look they’ve been craving for all these years.

We will see what the future holds. One thing is certain, Nootropics Depot has been gearing up for this moment for a long time!

I for one will not be popping any champagne bottles.

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1 year ago

The racetams are in a legally risky area because a class action lawsuit filed in new York against pure nootropics https://www.classaction.org/news/class-action-challenges-advertising-claims-for-pure-nootropics-supplements
It is unfortunate.

I think science.bio will continue on . The anti-SARMS federal bill died on December 31 . So the science.bio can keep selling to the body builders. But I think science.bio will stop selling racetams

1 year ago

I cannot wait til I get an email notification from Nootropics Depot telling me my beloved Piracetam is back in stock! I managed to make a kilo last me about 4 months

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