My Experience With Etifoxine (Stresam)

Etifoxine Stresam


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In this review I’m going to break down my experiences using Etifoxine. Etifoxine (also known as Stresam) is a novel anxiolytic agent developed in Germany back in the 1960s. Since its creation it is used in over 40 countries as an anti anxiety and anti convulsant compound. It boasts a fairly impressive safety profile and carries low risk for dependency and withdrawal. In some studies, Etifoxine has been demonstrated to be equally effective as Lorazepam (ativan.)1 This is good news for people looking to manage their anxiety in a safe manner. Unfortunately, Etifoxine has not caught on in the United States and much of the currently prescribed pharmaceuticals have massive side effects. The current line of prescription drugs make the patient totally dependent on the chemical and discontinuing the drug requires a careful program of dose reduction. Sudden stoppage of such drugs can result in seizure. In fact, Benzodiazepines are one of the few drugs where withdrawal can result in death. Sudden withdrawal of drugs like Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, or Xanax result in a complete disruption of the brains electrical system, causing seizures and even death. Compounds like Etifoxine represent a safer alternative to such drugs.

How Etifoxine works

Etifoxine neurosteroid gaba

Etifoxine exerts its influence on the GABA system through the production of Neurosteroids.2 Neurosteroids indirectly modulate certain neurotransmitters, in this case GABA. GABA is the inhibitory neurotransmitter and calms down the excitability of the brain resulting in feeling calm and at peace. Low GABA production results in high anxiety and an overactive mind. Drugs like Xanax are very effective anxiolytic compounds due to their direct relationship with GABA. However, these drugs are not without their negative side effects. Due to the mechanisms of how Etifoxine interacts with GABA, the negative impacts are much lower.

Buying Etifoxine

I first heard about this novel compound on Reddit and was immediately intrigued by the entire idea. My whole approach to Nootropics is to find safe stacks to manage the constant anxiety I experience. I’ve had great success using Nootropics like the racetams, most notably Piracetam, Aniracetam, and Fasoracetam. I’m also a big fan of Phenibut but I can’t stand the rebound anxiety, plus the stuff makes me crave alcohol like nothing else. When I heard of Etifoxine I knew I had to get my hands on some. The other user reports were positive so I tracked down a source.

I ordered from a Russian company called Rupharma. This was the vendor other users were recommending so I took the plunge. I was a little hesitant to order but went ahead and payed with Bitcoins. It took about 3 weeks for the package to arrive but it came fully intact.

The packaging

Etifoxine Packaging

Everything on the box and packaging was written in full blown Russian. I guess I can’t be surprised considering the country of origin. Some of the pills had been crushed during transport. In total there were 60 pills each containing 50mg of Etifoxine. I actually thought they sent me the wrong product as nowhere on the box did I see anything that said Etifoxine or Stresam. However, removing the contents of the box revealed the pills packaged in their own strips. On the strips the pills were properly labeled as Stresam along with the dosage.

First experience

I took 100mg the next day. It probably took about 30 – 45 minutes before the effects kicked in. I was honestly surprised by the effectiveness as it really had a classic Benzodiazepine feel but with total clarity. My mind was totally functional as was my motor coordination. I felt super chill and was able to withstand social interactions, even enjoying them to a certain degree. I would say peak effects lasted a couple hours with diminished effects lasting a good part of the day.

Tips for using Etifoxine

I continued to use Etifoxine off and on depending on how I was feeling that day. One thing I noticed was Etifoxine does NOT stack well with other compounds. Anytime I added something alongside the Etifoxine I was met with brain fog and an overall negative cognitive experience. Things like the racetams and Phenibut were like oil and water when taking them with Etifoxine. My recommendation as always is to start with a low dose. A low dose of Etifoxine would be 50mg. See how you respond. In much of the literature Etifoxine is tolerated up to 150mg. I have not pushed these higher doses but some users report feeling slightly inebriated at these amounts.

Etifoxine dangers and liver damage

In very rare cases Etifoxine caused acute hepatitis.3 This is considered a serious adverse reaction. Acute Hepatitis is a condition when the Liver becomes inflamed. Other ADR’s (Adverse Drug Reactions) include Toxidermia and other skin related problems. It should be noted that while these sound serious (and they are) they represent a very small number of people who take Etifoxine.

Video review


Etifoxine has been effective in my experience. I will not take Etifoxine everyday, but will save it for very high anxiety moments as a safe alternative to standard anti anxiety drugs.


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4 years ago

Thanks for the Review man! Been doing a lot of research on this compound and can’t wait for mine to arrive.

Simona Gorbunov
Simona Gorbunov
2 years ago
Reply to  nini

How’s did your effect happen? I’m receiving it tomorrow!! Want to get off xanax that’s why…. Can you compare to benzo?

3 years ago

Wise and sensible assessment of a quite exotic anxiolytic.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anton

Hey, did you try CBD while you were on it?

3 years ago

I break open the capsule and take half a dose. Works better for me than a full dose. Relaxes my thoughts. Not every day or it becomes less effective, so I take as needed or in rotation with other substances.

Simona Gorbunov
Simona Gorbunov
2 years ago
Reply to  Marty

Can you compare to a strong benzo, getting mine tonight

Rebecca Lea
Rebecca Lea
3 years ago

I have been on this for a couple of years now along side venlafaxine. I do use CBD oil too. I am coming off it on my own and gradually gone from six a day to none a day but have had a bit of tremors today and so have just taken one as I think i may have side effects from coming off it. The reason I have come off it is that for the first time in my life I have had high blood pressure and my bloods show that my liver is producing too much protein and have made my red blood cells enlarged. I have to go back in three months. Since coming off this medication, I have lost a stone in weight but am following a good diet due to trying to detox my liver so may or may not be connected.

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