Is Modafinil Dangerous?

Modafinil is the most popular compound in the Nootropics market and heavily used by silicon valley moguls and the layman alike. It offers almost instant all day energy allowing you to crank out massive loads of work. If you’re new to Modafinil, you might be wondering about Modafinils safety profile. In this post I’m going to answer a few burning questions: Is Modafinil safe? What are the dangers? Can you use Modafinil long term?

Modafinils clinical applications

Modafinil is a drug primarily prescribed to Narcoleptics and those with Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Narcolepsy is a condition characterized by excessive day time sleepiness, the unrelenting desire to sleep, and cases where exhaustion becomes a primary mode of operation. Shift Work Sleep Disorder is a condition where the natural times of work and sleep are reversed AKA people working the “graveyard shift.”

Narcolepsy affects over 200,000 people a year in the United States and an estimated 3 million people world wide. This has led the medical field to develop treatment plans and medicinal prescriptions. The go-to prescription for these conditions is Provigil, otherwise known as Modafinil.

When thinking about Modafinils safety, it is crucial to understand Modafinil is not some random black market Nootropic with no history of medical use. It’s been heavily studied and represents the first line of defense for certain conditions.

Modafinil safety profile

There are studies we can look at to determine the overall safety and efficacy of Modafinil. Since it is a commonly prescribed drug in a professional medical setting, Modafinil has endured many tests and gone through rigorous scientific study.

One study combined data from 6 other studies to conclude that Modafinil has a robust safety profile and carries little health risks.1 The most common adverse reactions were increased heart rate and blood pressure. The study found Modafinils impact on the cardiovascular system was minimal and the compound did not interfere with normal sleep architecture. This means even when taking Modafinil the normal cycles of sleep remain natural and follow a healthy pattern.

Side effects

The most common side effects of Modafinil are headaches, dizziness, anxiety, elevated heart rate, nervousness, and difficulty falling asleep. In very rare cases Modafinil may trigger an allergic reaction. Seek medical help straight away if you begin to experience excessive dizziness or trouble breathing. These conditions affect only a very small percentage of people.

Read this post for a full break down of potential side effects.

My experience

I’ve found Modafinil to be an effective wakefulness compound. I’ve used the compound quite a bit with varying levels of success. The most common side effects for me are heightened levels of anxiety and an elevated heart rate. While Modafinils mechanisms of action remain elusive, it does seem to operate as a stimulant. I receive a notable boost in overall mood suggesting a Dopamine response. In general, the most common side effect most people report is a headache. This can generally be mediated by staying hydrated and maintaining electrolytes. The stimulating property of the compound functions as a diuretic, causing you to expel urine at an increased rate and accelerating the dehydration process. Beverages like coconut water and Gatorade are good choices to maintain hydration and adequate balances of electrolytes while taking Modafinil.

Side effects increase as you take Modafinil multiple days in a row. On Modafinil it’s easy to rack up a sleep debt. Eventually the debt catches up with you and might find the Modafinil begins to lose its magic. The body is forcing you to sleep. It’s important to listen to your body and sleep when it wants. Taking Modafinil everyday when you don’t have a sleep disorder is not advised. Put multiple days in between your Modafinil use to ensure little side effects and maximum effect from the compound.


Modafinil is a safe compound with very few side effects. It’s been heavily studied in the medical community and represents a safe method of treating sleep disorders.

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