1P LSD and Phenibut Combo Stack

1P LSD and Phenibut Combo Stack

As I approached the end of my 200mcg bottle of 1P-LSD I had the brilliant idea to take 500mg of Phenibut alongside what was left. I had such a small amount at the bottom of the dropper bottle I couldn’t easily draw any liquid with the dropper. Instead I simply downed the rest and allowed the liquid to dissolve under my tongue. I knew how weighty a 10mcg micro dose was supposed to feel and I immediately realized the error of my ways. This was much more than 10mcg. Judging by the experience I’d say I was around the 20 – 30mcg range. The experience was over the threshold but certainly not as full frontal as my initial 70mcg dose.

It was Memorial day weekend so I expected that I would not be working and delighted in the extra dosage. That day me and my roommates had planned to Barbecue with a friend who was moving away. I could feel the Phenibut would be a nice edition to the 1P-LSD experience…and indeed it was save for a few minor environmental hiccups.

The onset of Phenibut and 1P-LSD are very different. The LSD comes on in about 30 minutes with full effects kicking in around the hour 1 mark. Phenibut takes an entire hour to feel the initial effects, with the fullness taking almost 3 hours to feel. This means the 1P LSD will hit you first while the Phenibut will slowly begin to introduce itself to the party later.

At the hour 1 mark I could feel the classic LSD like effects begin to take hold. The experience for me can be very physical. I feel a warmth in my stomach and my limbs begin to tingle. I will also get cold due to the vasoconstricting effect of LSD. Energy levels become heightened and colors begin to pop out. Music becomes highly enjoyable, almost ecstatic.

In the beginning I did start to feel a bit of anxiety. I believe this was partially due to some tension with my roommates, a crying baby in the vicinity, and also my boss texting me that he wanted me to drop of his truck so he could go to Costco. This text came literally right after I dosed, in the moment I was unsure of just how much I took. The setting was not exactly the most ideal but I was also not dosing high enough for anything to be a massive problem.

As soon as the Phenibut kicked in the anxiety basically melted away to a large extent. The somewhat uncomfortable physical sensations from the 1P subsided. I turned into a socializing powerhouse and was easily able to endure the crowds at Costco. The world had taken on a magical surreal quality which was quite pleasant. During the BBQ I found it much easier to engage with people and found myself babbling on and on about all subjects. The Phenibut and 1p LSD brought on a kind of social freedom I remember having when I was younger. Over the years I feel I have lost my natural charisma as if society has stamped it out of me. I felt the charisma return full force. It was as if I was drunk yet totally clear headed and focused.

I would describe this combo as something very similar to MDMA. In fact, certain aspects were nearly identical. The Phenibut provided a subtle Euphoria while the 1P made music extremely enjoyable. The only thing I would say was missing was the empathy, although I can say I felt more “connected” socially, although not to the extent MDMA provides. Perhaps at the higher Phenibut doses this could be achieved. Overall I’m not really looking to get high so much as I want to achieve a good functional mood with little to no side effects. This stack is like the Depression killer.

I would make a few modifications to this stack. First, I would stick to the Microdose range. It was clear I had taken too much of the 1p-LSD. Second, I would take less Phenibut as the 2 seemed to potentiate each other. The euphoria was too much and I could tell there would be a come down.

The unfortunate thing about this stack is my absolute inability to sleep at night. I become hypomanic. The only way I can sleep is taking prescription grade sleep meds like Ambien or Temazepam, or Etizolam. Overall this stack is extremely energizing and disrupts my sleep.

I rate this combo highly and recommend it if you’re dealing with social anxiety or Depression on a deep level. There’s lot’s of value here for sure.

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1 year ago

I’m wondering if 1plsd may help my condition. I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s at 39 and I’ve been looking at nootropics and research chemicals to help with symptoms and anxiety that come with PD.

I found you on YouTube a few weeks ago and I stumbled across this site. Hello from South Carolina.

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