70mcg 1P-LSD Experience

70mcg 1P-LSD Experience

1P-LSD is a synthetic psychedelic compound structurally similar to LSD. You know, the stuff the barefooted hippies were taking during the 60’s in the back of VW buses. LSD induces a ‘trip’ where the user enters a magical world and the laws of the everyday world do not apply. On a minor level, stimulation occurs and colors become vivid and bright. On a major level total loss of ego can occur and perceptions of the self, as well as time and space become altered in a significant way. Describing a psychedelic experience to someone who’s never had one is like trying to describe sex to a virgin. You really don’t ever get it, until you do.

Despite minor changes in the chemical structure 1P-LSD is said to be almost identical in experience. The change in structure puts 1P-LSD into a legal grey area. It is available for ‘research’ purposes. Numerous reports from seasoned veterans have stepped up to the plate to ‘research’ this new analogue with most users reporting comparable effects to LSD, a throwback to their golden years so to speak.

In the past few years a thing called micro dosing has emerged. Micro dosing certain psychedelic compounds like Psilocybin mushrooms and LSD are being researched for their therapeutic value as it relates to mental health conditions like Depression and Anxiety. Micro dosing means taking a sub threshold dose. This is a dose large enough to effect certain cognitive background processes but small enough to not alter perception in any drastic sense. To make a crude example, it’s the difference between one shot of vodka and 10 shots of vodka. Clearly, you are still able to go about your day safely with one shot of vodka. Micro dosing is very dose dependent.  In my ‘research’ I discovered a micro dose can fall in anywhere from 5mcg to 20mcg depending on the user. For most, 10mcg seems to be the sweet spot.

As you can tell from the title of this post I over did it just slightly.

Volumetric dosing

For research purposes I made a 200mcg (100mcg tabs X2) purchase from the Chemical Collective. The compound comes in tabs. These are basically thick wafers with the 1P-LSD soaked into them. Each tab contains 100mcg of solution. To take a 10mcg micro dose would require a researcher to slice each tab into 10 even pieces. This is both inconvenient and a largely inaccurate method of dosing. This method assumes the liquid is spread evenly across the tabs which is not always the case. A more accurate method is volumetric dosing. Essentially you soak the tabs in a certain amount of liquid, either distilled water or vodka, and allow the compound to dissolve.

I took the tabs and dissolved them into 20ml of vodka. My roommates looked at me funny as I grabbed the vodka from the freezer. I quit drinking a long time ago. I explained my ‘research.’ They think I am crazy, and maybe I am. Kicking around, I had a bottle of Caffeine and L-Theanine solution which was almost gone so I downed the rest, cleaned it out, and measured out 20ml of vodka with the supplied dropper. It was the perfect bottle to host my new research project as it already had the measurement lines on the dropper. Doing basic math, 200mcg of 1P-LSD dissolved into 20ml of vodka equates to 10mcg per 1ml. I let the solution soak for a couple days and then took my first dose.

10 mcg dose followed by 60mcg

I woke up and took 10mcg out of pure boredom. After an hour I decided to take another 10mcg. Shortly after that I had the brilliant idea that it was probably important to dose higher to determine if the stuff was even legit in the first place. In total this led to taking 70mcg over the course of an hour and a half. I was convinced it was not working and went for a bike ride. Out of nowhere I began laughing like a maniac and began speeding down the bike path. I sat on a bench for a while and started to people watch. At this point I determined the compound had certainly taken effect. I could feel a strong Serotonin response in my gut, similar to MDMA. My stomach was warm while my hands were cold. Colors were extremely vivid and I began to recognize certain patterns in the environment. Hard lines and angles stood out. Meanwhile I couldn’t stop laughing and thought it best to remove myself from the public eye. This one lady looked like a large bird and I imagined how funny it would be if she just suddenly took flight right in front of me. This thought brought me to almost literal tears. I thought about how insane I must look to other people. Certain people I could feel they thought I was laughing at them (I certainly WAS laughing at certain individuals for whatever reason.) I felt bad and got on my bike to leave. I had an endless amount of energy. No amount of riding was exhausting my physical energy. Towards the end of my ride it began to get dark and a bit of paranoia took hold of me. Mainly I was paranoid of cops in a particular section of neighborhood because they have frequently pulled me over in the past for NO REASON. Under normal circumstances this section of the road puts the fear into me, this fear was indeed amplified. As soon as I got home this feeling intensified and I had to calm myself down with some music. Jimi Hendrix Machine Gun to be exact. This worked.

The rest of the night was wonderful. Around 3am I began to feel slightly strung out and restless. I took 2mg of Etizolam which successfully knocked me out.



The 70mcg dose in my mind was important to determine the authenticity of the product. Today I took only 10mcg, a true micro dose. I can tell this is going to be a game changer. The micro dose is a super effective mood booster. There is an energetic quality. Due to rapid tolerance build up I will only take the dose once every 3-4 days, perhaps with longer breaks in between.

I will continue to experiment with this unique compound.



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