Nootropics Depot Runs Out Of Piracetam

Nootropics Depot Runs Out Of Piracetam

In latest news, Nootropics Depot has officially run out of their Piracetam powder. One of the owners (I believe he is the owner and goes by the handle MisterYouAreSoDumb) released a statement on Reddit.

When asked if they would ever restock Piracetam, this was his response:

Piracetam Out of Stock Nootropics Depot


He later went on to state that the company was experiencing problems with customs, and that the problem was largely a regulatory issue. Customs problems essentially mean there’s an issue with the US accepting the package. Perhaps regulations are forcing customs departments to scrutinize packages more thoroughly, although I have not heard or read any news source regarding the banning of the compound. It’s very likely current trade relations with China may play a role. Will these things resolve themselves? We shall see.

This is the latest news and I will make an update if new information surfaces.

Here’s a video where I discussed the problem along with the death of the Nootropics industry at large:



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