Where To Buy Nootropics In 2020

Where To Buy Nootropics In 2020

In this quick post I’m going to explore a few of my favorite Nootropics and RC vendors. Between them all there’s not a lot of stuff you can’t get. Unfortunately it’s hard to find vendors who stock everything you want, but if you do a little hunting and waiting you can always secure what you need. All of these vendors accept Bitcoin and some of them accept a credit card.

  • Nootropics Depot – You have no doubt heard of this vendor. They’re one of the more popular vendors in the market and stock most of the mainstream stuff. These are Nootropics like Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Noopept, etc. They have a wide variety of Nootropics in both powder and capsule form. If you’re in the U.S. shipping is very fast. Packages ship USPS priority.
  • BuyModa This is one of 2 popular vendors for Modafinil. I’ve received product from them and it’s high quality stuff. They take credit cards and ship to Canada too.
  • ModafinilXL The other heavy hitter in the Modafinil space. They sell a higher variety of quantities than BuyModa. You can buy 10 pills or 100 pills, or anything in between. They also accept credit cards but you’ll probably have to clear the transaction with your CC company or bank beforehand.
  • Rupharma This vendor stocks a lot of the Russian compounds. One of the few vendors where you can purchase Semax and Selank.
  • MondialK – This guy seems to stock everything, even Kratom. I can’t attest to the quality of all his products but I tested the FL-Modafinil and both Taineptine Sulfate/Sodium with good results. There are mixed reviews on the internet so buy at your own risk.
  • Chemical Collective This is where I get my 1P-LSD. At one point they stocked Etizolam but they’ve recently discontinued the product.

I will add to this list down the road if I stumble across any others.


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Darlene Franklin
Darlene Franklin
11 months ago

Etizola is good for etizolam. Takes 7 weeks now though.

Brian Guzman
Brian Guzman
8 months ago

Looking for 1-p peracitam some
More stacks thanks

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