1P LSD 15mcg Advanced Research Experience

1P LSD 15mcg Advanced Research Experience

Today I woke up and took 15mcg of 1P LSD and sat down to do some work. My initial 70mcg dose put me on the path of exploring this interesting analogue. After this experience I thought it necessary to stick to a strict protocol of Micro dosing and have only been taking 10mcg doses. This dose has proved to be an effective mood elevator and allows me to maintain a sober mind. 10mcg allows for going about your day in a normal manner, completing chores, going to work, and talking with people throughout the day (without looking weird or strange.)

Today I have discovered anything above this 10mcg threshold is too much as far as micro dosing. Don’t get me wrong, the experience is great but as I write it’s hard to focus. All I want to do is listen to music, which is very pleasurable. I find everything hilarious (something which is annoying my roommates no doubt.) I have found 1P-LSD enhances the auditory response. I listen to music as if analyzing a great piece of literature, or exploring mathematical formulas. Each individual sound in the mix becomes obvious, I can pull apart the fabric of a track and analyze all the small details. This for me is uncommon. Generally when I listen to music I simply allow the sounds to mix together, not really appreciating HOW they fit together. I easily notice certain elements of songs.

For instance, in the song “Sheep” by Pink Floyd, I immediately noticed how the vocals bled in to the synthesizer. As I scrolled down to comment on this beautiful arrangement I noticed a top comment had also came to the same conclusion. These strange and sudden realizations followed me around to other songs. I would notice specific sounds and could hear how certain bands influenced various tracks. In “No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin I noticed certain parts of the song sounded like Pink Floyd. Scrolling down to the comments I found once again, someone had came to this same conclusion.

This is not how my brain typically works.

Physically (as opposed to psychically), there is a very real Serotonin psychedelic response at 15mcg. My entire body is tingling. It’s a strange experience but I can feel a warmth in my stomach. My whole body is cold (a known side effect of LSD is vasoconstriction.)

The physical response is a strange mixture of pleasure and discomfort.

However, despite these effects I still feel capable of performing daily tasks. At this dose however, I feel my writing is less fluid. Overall I feel distracted by the physical sensations in my body and the desire to only listen to music.

Currently I’m laughing at the title of this post. The idea of the term “research” being used to describe someone taking LSD is comical. The idea that this type of research can be “advanced” is even more hilarious. I could easily write headlines for sensational fake news companies.

15mcg with 250mg Phenibut is a good socializing stack for the weekends. It’s the perfect stack to let loose and enjoy the moment, and especially music. I will have to find a way to deal with this cold and clammy feeling.

This post is more of a “get it down while I’m feeling it” post rather than a true objective analysis of the compound which I will do at a later time once my research has been thoroughly conducted.

Thanks for reading.

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