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Alpha Brain and Qualia – 2 of the most popular gunslingers in the nootropics market. Alpha Brain has been around for quite some time while Qualia came in hot to the market only recently. I’ve written about Alpha Brain before and have used it extensively with great results. At one point I was in contact with the guys over at Qualia and they were supposedly sending me samples of the stuff. That sample never came. With that said, I can still offer some guidance about both of these nootropics so you can make an informed buying decision.

Alpha Brain


Alpha Brain is ONNIT’s flagship nootropic product boasting a number of powerful ingredients. As I mentioned in my original Alpha Brain review, some of these ingredients are filler and I believe the true power of the stack can be drilled down to 4 ingredients on the label. The L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Alpha-GPC, and Bacopa are nootropics I discuss regularly on this blog and on my YouTube channel.

Each of these nootropics are individually effective for juicing up the brain and delivering an electric jolt of energy. Stacked together, they form a potent nootropics stack allowing you to cram through even the largest work loads. I enjoy taking Alpha Brain in the morning with a strong cup of coffee. With this level of mental energy, the day flys by and you wonder where the time went.

Subscribers who follow my nootropics advice know that I typically do NOT recommend pre-made stacks. It’s much better to experiment with nootropics individually before adding extra stuff. Some nootropics can actually give you brain fog and make you LESS productive. If you take a stack and you experience negative effects, how do you know which nootropic caused the brain fog? There’s no way of knowing for sure.

Taking nootropics in the way I just described does have downsides. It’s a much longer process of experimentation. You’re also going to be dealing with raw powders which means you’ll need to take the time to weigh out your dose. The powders do NOT taste good either. This is the way I use nootropics but I understand why many find this process too intense. For these people, premade stacks like Alpha Brain can work. For a premade stack, I like Alpha Brain and recommend it for people who want something easy yet effective for their day to day productivity and energy levels.


Qualia is the new kid on the block. It boasts a total of 40 ingredients and was supposedly formulated by a team of neuroscientists. Looking at the list of ingredients is staggering. The formula comes fully loaded with nootropic compounds, Adaptogens, Amino Acids, and vitamins/minerals.

I have tried a dozen or so ingredients from the list with varying results. Once again, you’ll find some nootropics synergistic with your brain while others will produce brain fog or other negative results.

At this point I have not yet tried Qualia but I can tell you this – there are too many ingredients in this stack. The odds of this stack being perfectly synergistic for anybody is low. There is no one size fits all stack. Everybody has a unique biochemistry and will react differently to nootropics. What works for me might not work for you. Cramming 40 ingredients into a pill and expecting results is a recipe for disaster.

For this reason, it’s hard to justify the hefty price tag Qualia is demanding from the market.


Out of the 2 stacks Alpha Brain is by far the most affordable nootropic costing only $30 bucks. A single one time order of Qualia is $149. That’s a significant price difference. You can get Qualia for $99 but this requires signing up to a monthly subscription program. Still, this is a steep price indeed.

Are both stacks on the pricey side? Yes. People all the time cry about how “expensive” these premade stacks cost. The thing is, you are paying for the convenience of having everything in an easy-to-take pill. If you want to take nootropics the cheap way then go out and buy the bulk powders. Also pick up a digital scale to weigh your dose and prepare yourself for some truly repulsive tastes.

Final verdict

Overall I think it’s clear that Alpha Brain delivers a much better deal. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of Alpha Brain. For nootropics that come in capsule form it’s a truly hard stack to beat plus it has a ton of positive reviews from real users. At this point, the only Qualia reviews I have seen appear like they’ve been paid for – not exactly the types of reviews you want to see when you’re about to drop serious cash.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these 2 stacks!

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