Supplements I’ve been taking in 2023

Supplements I’ve been taking in 2023

In this post I’ll zip through a few of the supplements and Nootropics I’ve been taking. The past year has been somewhat of a dark age for the Nootropics industry as we stood and watched all the racetams die off in rapid succession. It’s not that I expected breakthrough innovations in the industry, but it would have been nice to maintain the only good ones we had. In 2023 our only hope is to loot through the landscape of a dying world in hopes we find something worth salvaging.

Piracetam – No you can’t get it anymore but it’s on the list because I’m still working off my old stash. I try to minimize my consumption because I know it’s a scarce resource and eventually there will come a day when I have nothing at all. Once it runs out I’ll be forced to swap it out for an inferior Nootropic, probably something from Nootropics Depot. I get asked if I tried such and such new thing from ND, but honestly I’m too jaded from hundreds of failed promises to really bother with anything new.

The last of a legend. Rest easy my old friend.

I believe Piracetam worked too well for it to be allowed space in the open market. In the age of inversion you must understand that all things good are eventually destroyed or adulterated until they’re rendered useless to you. This is because they want you sick, infertile, foggy brained, and looking androgynous.

Take a look at the vitamins in your local supermarket. Everything is loaded with fillers and testicle shredding nano compounds like Titanium Dioxide.

Check the back of any generic vitamin and you’ll see titanium dioxide, it’s one of the reasons I recommend always buying powder.

If you can find it in a mainstream store you can be guaranteed it’s either totally ineffective or loaded with something that’s going to have negative downstream effects on your health.

The franken foods are chocked full of soy and hydrogenated vegetable oil. The age old advice of eating your vegetables is all but a useless platitude in 2023, the food is sprayed with cutting edge nano pesticides and holds barely any nutrient value at all. This is why a person can do all the things they’re supposed to do and still feel like garbage everyday. The whole “Just eat clean and exercise bro.” you hear people parroting.

There is no such thing as clean in the modern world.

Just imagine if food was actually nutritious and your gut didn’t have so much biofilm buildup you could absorb every nutrient you took in.

Sodium Thiosulfate – My girlfriend hassled me for months and finally got me to complete 30 days of a sodium thiosulfate cleanse. Chances are you’ve never heard of this, and neither did I. Sodium Thiosulfate is a salt and strong chelator of heavy metals. It creates a powerful detox response in the gut (and by powerful I mean the most explosive diarreah you’ve ever had.) It absolutely cleans you out. It’s recommended to take 5 grams once a day alongside an equal dose of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to assist the liver in dealing with toxin removal. Be warned, this cleanse will also deplete you of good nutrients so it’s crucial to supplement with Zinc, copper, selenium, iodine, and Magnesium, alongside a probiotic or something fermented like Kefir. It does indeed clear out absolutely everything including the natural bacteria of the gut.

After the cleanse I actually felt GOOD for the first time in a long time, like a natural good, and all my Nootropics started hitting harder, as if my body was fully absorbing everything I put into it. The Piracetam felt ultra enhanced and caffeine became almost too strong.

You’re not going to find too much info about Sodium Thiosulfate but I’ll link a video and resources below from a guy much more knowledgeable than me. This is very much alternative off-the-beaten-path type stuff, not something you’re going to see on Oprah or Dr. Oz.

Noopept – This year I gave Noopept a second chance. I wanted to like Noopept but I never felt like like it hit the mark 100%. There was always something off about it. In the past I would become forgetful and have strange lapses in my ability to remember certain events, names, or places. Nothing major but I developed enough concern to put it away. For whatever reason I’ve had positive results with it in 2023. This could be the additional 300mg of Potassium Chloride I’ve been taking alongside certain Nootropics, most notably Piracetam. For a while I was getting extremely low blood pressure taking Piracetam, to the point of nearly fainting upon standing. This has been a problem for me since childhood, but Piracetam amplifies the problem significantly. I was able to control this side effect to a large degree with the addition of Potassium Chloride and salt. Now as a rule I’ve been taking 300mg of Potassium Chloride alongside many other Nootropics. It feels like a combination of Potassium, Salt, and sugar creates an optimal delivery environment for some Nootropics, or at the very least are important cofactors.

Modafinil – A tried and true Nootropic. I’ve always said if you’re new and want something with a high likelyhood of working, just buy Modafinil. It may not be a true to form Nootropic but it reliably delivers mental stimulation. Most other Nootropics are going to be hit or miss, with many of them working for a while and then abrubtly not working at all. Modafinil is reliable in its effects and I’ve had a lot of success using Modafinil to get things done. It shines exceptionally well if you’re underslept and easily stacks on top of other Nootropics.

ModafinilXL is one reliable vendor I recommend.

Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine – Perhaps out of everything these 4 have raised my baseline levels of energy and vitality more than anything else. A lot of my neuroticism has cleared and sex drive has ramped up significantly. It’s unfortunate but most of these crucial minerals have to be supplemented due to our food being nearly void of nutrient value, and many chemicals we’re expo

DIY Copper Chloride

sed to actively preventing proper absorbtion. Flouride for instance displaces Iodine, prevents its absorption, and disrupts your thyroid from producing crucial hormones. (but it’s good for the teeth they say!)  I take 2 drops of Lugols Iodine directly on the skin. If you’re Iodine defecient the yellow stain on your skin will disappear in a couple hours. If you’re not the stain will remain for most of the day.

For the copper and zinc I opted to make chlorides to avoid the massive amount of crap they shove into modern supplements. This is a simple process of combining pure copper (copper bars) and zinc oxide with hydrochloric acid. (Seperately of course.) The result is copper and zinc chloride which I’ll take together in the morning with coffee. Do your research before attempting this.

Other notable mentions – My goals now are mostly centered around eliminating a lot of crap I know isn’t good. Kratom for instance was one substance I gave up at the end of 2022, and I recently tossed out nearly 100 grams of Phenibut. It’s been a hard road to give up some of my most cherished copes, but ultimately I’m getting more value out of eliminating the harder agonists and replacing them with more sustainable solutions. I’m even moving away from Phenylpiracetam as my brain doesn’t seem to be meshing well with even mild dopaminergics. Most of the time I’ll take Phenylpiracetam and end up feeling dull by the end of the day. This could be a result of feeling good in general, and taking the harder compounds actually brings you down subjectively compared to your baseline.

For the duration of my Kratom withdrawals I had good results supplementing DLPA. It curbed the worst of the anhedonia but over time waned in its effects. I’ll still occasionally take some in the morning with coffee.

A couple times a week I enjoy Rhodiola for a nice even keeled stimulation, and I’ll throw in some ALCAR on top of my 1 – 2 times a week dose of Piracetam.

Daily drivers include coffee, L-Theanine, and Nootropics Depot NALT+Caffeine which I now consider one of their better products since they discontinued the racetams.

Overall this current regiment is a lot more sustainable than what I’ve done in the past. It includes a nice baseline of crucial minerals on top of tried and true Nootropics, all without running the risk of nasty rebounds and emotional ups and downs associated with things like Phenibut and Kratom.

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1 year ago

Nice to hear you are doing well! I also had problems with phenibut: I felt ache in my kidneys. But i have to see if the effect repeats… So true what you said about the supplements intoxication!

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