Kratom – A Glass Half Empty (Paperback Book)

Kratom – A Glass Half Empty (Paperback Book)

Ladies and gentleman, I am excited to announce my new book Kratom – A Glass Half Empty.

From the back cover:

Enter the Kraken and discover how a relatively fringe herbal supplement took the west by storm and ushered forth an era of addiction and regret. Kratom – A Glass Half Empty explores Kratoms rise to popularity in the west and drills deep into the heart of its true nature. The book is part memoir of the authors own personal experience with Kratom and serves as the ultimate quitting manual for the Kratom dependent.

In a world singing praises about the Kratom “miracle cure”, this book is a first of its kind and stands in stark contrast to what you typically hear. The book is a complete download of all my deepest insights and thoughts on Kratom, Kratom dependence, addiction, and quitting. It includes a comprehensive section on supplements, and offers a real down-in-the-trenches insider perspective about Kratom addiction and quitting for good. Essential reading for anyone struggling with Kratom addiction.

Thank you for your support, it is truly appreciated at the highest level and I hope the book finds you well, and guides your quitting Kratom journey.

Get it here on Amazon.

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