ModafinilXL Is Down For Good?

ModafinilXL Is Down For Good?

Popular online vendor ModafinilXL has been down since the 25th of June 2023. Attempting to visit the site yields a cryptic message from your web browser indicating there is a problem with the domain name:

Since I have some experience with domain names I recognize the error all too well. It appears ModafinilXL has allowed their domain to lapse. This means they didn’t pay the yearly fee to re register their domain name. Its happened to me before and not something you should allow to happen as it can be difficult to recover the domain once it has lapsed.

Some reports on Reddit indicate ModafinilXL is still responding to emails and updating customers on shipping progress. Other reports indicate they are sending out emails promoting their sister sites (sites I’m unaware of.)

Obviously if you have placed an order with them recently, this does not inspire confidence.

However, I wouldn’t be too quick to panic. Just sit tight and give them a week or so to sort out their tech problems. This is not indicative of them scamming or going out of business. I’ll post updates as I learn more.

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