Best Nootropics @RUPHARMA!

Best Nootropics @RUPHARMA!

Rupharma stocks a lot of heavy hitters all in one place and provides reliable shipments that come through. This is a problem with companies like Rare Chems whos packages seem to disappear into the ether. All of my shipments from Rupharma have been successfully delivered, and they stock a lot of cool stuff worth checking out. Rather than going from store to store to get all the Nootropics you need, Rupharma provides many of the classics in a single store.

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Of most interest to us is Modafinil. Modalert and Waklert (Armodafinil) are by my personal favorite versions. Modafinil reliably provides a solid boost in mental stimulation, dishes out a subtle boost in mood, and improves both focus and concentration, especially when stacked with something like Aniracetam. Modafinil to this day is still the king of the Nootropics industry, with most users reporting positive changes in mood, focus, and concentration.


Here’s one I’ve had good results from in the past. Semax comes in a liquid solution. Drop the solution down your nostrils for almost an immediate response. Semax produces a zen like state of mind. In my experience Semax is short lived but reliably delivers a solid 45 – 60 mins worth of tunnel like focus and concentration. It’s perhaps one of the most calming Nootropics out there and I haven’t come across anything else that allows you to shut out the world and hone in on a single subject.


Russian Phenibut

Nothing like some good ol’ Russian rocket fuel straight from the source! Phenibut needs no introduction, and the cool part about the loot is it comes marked up in the Russian language. Phenibut has its roots in Russia and certainly one of the most interesting Nootropics in terms of practical applications. It functions like a stimulant, a sedative, and a mood booster all rolled into one. You guys know I’m a fan of Phenibut, and I can tell you the Phenibut from Rupharma is very good.


Cerebrolysin is a peptide derived from pig brain. It’s widely used in Russia to treat Ischemic Stroke. It also seems to have a lot of positive effects on vascular Dementia. It’s well studied unlike many Nootropic compounds, with over 200 studies of Cerebrolysin in the context of stroke patients. To what degree a normal healthy person will see benefit isn’t entirely clear although this is the case with most Nootropics. Things like Cerebrolysin could hold a lot of value for select individuals.

This one however may be out of reach for the average Nootropics enthusiast as it’s only available via intramuscular injections.

Cerebrolysin has many positive Reddit reviews. Given the numerous studies and positive reviews, this one is interesting for those seeking something new and potentially cognitive enhancing.


Everybody and their grandmothers goat has heard of this by now, and while not a Nootropic by any means, it is certainly one of Rupharmas most interesting offers. You’ve also heard of “do your own research” and I suggest you do that, and then head over to Rupharma if you decide to take your health into your own hands.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)

This is a personal favorite of mine and something I didn’t know Rupharma had. At the height of Covid, big retailers like Amazon pulled NAC off the shelves as people discovered it had positive effects especially for illnesses like Pneumonia. (Can’t let the plebians take their health into their own hands!) NAC is a first line medical application for Tylenol overdose and it has a host of positive benefits for both the brain and the body. Numerous studies point to its efficacy as a powerful antioxidant, and many Nootropic benefits are present. I’ve been taking NAC for years to manage OCD and general neuroticism, and only recently discovered its many other benefits. It levels out the brain in ways other Nootropics can’t, and provides a lot of value for all aspects of health.


I’ll be covering more of Rupharmas products in the future but these are a few of their most popular choices. Definitely check them out and use that coupon code while you can!

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