The Legendary Potency Of MACA Root

maca root mountain top
The legendary MACA plant only grows on the tallest mountain tops.

My first introduction to MACA was in my early 20s at a time when I thought it impossible to get any hornier than I already was. Now, you’ll have to excuse the language throughout this post but when we talk about MACA, we’re talking the number 1 aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer with loads of studies to back it up. I mean, I’m talking so horny I could barely think. The last time I remember being that horny I was a freshman in high school on the bus praying my boner would go down before it was my stop. Every bump and vibration in the road was duly noted. We’re talking a seriously relentless drive of sexual energy, the kind where you think you’re about to explode.

MACA is another one of these compounds I love because the mechanisms behind how it works are not fully understood. It’s shrouded in mystery and only by ingesting the compound does one unlock the ancient secrets.

But before we dive deep into that let’s crack in to a few basics about this highly potent plant.

What is MACA?

Maca is a plant in the Brocolli family. It grows high up on the mountain tops deep in the Peruvian Andes and also called “Peruvian Ginseng.” It’s one of Perus most popular exports and praised around the world as a powerful Aphrodisiac. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and eaten as a food by the natives. MACA is loaded down with all 20 amino acids making MACA a complete protein and potent food in and of its self.  Due to its bitter taste it’s best to mix it in with other ingredients.

Legendary actions

What makes MACA special is the context of where one finds the plant and how it works. MACA grows on mountain tops reaching 13,000 – 14,000 feet into the sky. Up here the conditions are absolutely brutal and almost nothing survives. Despite these conditions we see the MACA plant firmly rooted into the ground unphased by the brutal winds and deathly colds. In fact, it is only here that the MACA plant can truly thrive, under complete chaos. It is no secret why the plant is highly sought after.  Those who can make the deadly trek to the mountain tops can reap the benefits of what MACA has to offer, and it offers a lot. Luckily for us we can order the best MACA Peru has to offer from the comfort of our computers.

The mechanisms behind how MACA works are yet to be understood. There are zero observable changes to hormones which would have an effect on sex drive and libido. There are no changes to Testosterone, there are no changes to any hormone whatsoever. Despite this, we see study after study and tons of anecdotal evidence suggesting there is a very real effect to sexual drive and libido.

Benefits and effects + studies

1.) Aphrodisac

Clearly the number one benefit is what MACA can do for your sex drive. This study done on rats dramatically increased the sexual performance and the number of times the male rats mounted the female rats. It turned them into complete horn dogs.

This study shows MACA increases sexual libido while not increasing total serum Testosterone levels. Once again, how does this stuff work??

In adult patients with erectile dysfunction MACA showed to have a positive impact on physical performance and overall levels of sexual energy.

Pair these studies with thousands of n=1 anectodal reports of MACA turning men into absolute beasts, roaming the streets looking for that next grisly load depository. In my experience MACA significantly improved the total volume of my loads and 10x’d the power of orgasm. In fact, I would say the only time I audibly grunt during ejaculation like a wild jungle ape are the times I take MACA consistently. It is then I look down to see the giant mess I made all over my girlfriends back side. In this moment I pray to have pulled out in time for I know this particular load was extra fertile.

2.) Anxiety and Depression

MACA has been show to exhibit anti-depressant effects. With Black MACA showing the most effectiveness.

MACA reduces anxiety in post menopausal women. 

3.) Memory and cognition

Now here’s one for the nootropics enthusiasts.

Black MACA in particular has positive effects on learning and exhibits anti-depressive effects.

Black MACA improves experimental memory impairment. 

Black MACA improves alcohol induced memory impairment. 


I think MACA, in particular, BLACK MACA is something everyone needs in their cabinets especially if you have been suffering from a lack of sex drive. Take away all of these effects and the root still stands on its own as a complete and nutritious food! Add this in to your morning smoothie and watch as you get transported back to the days when even a slight wind was enough to raise the flag pole!

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