My Personal Review of ALCAR



In my previous nootropics giveaway, I selected ALCAR as one of the nootropics to ship out. ALCAR is a true undercover nootropic. The compound receives little attention and is mostly overshadowed by cutting edge nootropic compounds.

It’s time to make ALCAR great again and shed light on this powerful compound.

What is ALCAR?

ALCAR aka Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a compound found in the body and used for mitochondrial energy production and protection. The stuff works wonders for elderly patients and studies note an increase in energy and significant drops in fatigue. ALCAR is considered a stimulant clocking in just below caffeine, although no studies can prove WHY. Anecdotally speaking, most people do report a stimulating effect from ALCAR supplementation. ALCAR has a number of positive testimonials on Reddit from users who had positive experiences.

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ALCAR as a nootropic and health supplement

On the nootropic level, ALCAR is cholinergic and contributes to the production of Acetycholine while also increasing Serotonin┬áin selected regions of the brain. These interesting effects on these core neurotransmitters make ALCAR a great choice if you’re struggling with depression and want to increase motivation, well being, and focus. The Anti-depressant effects of ALCAR are most pronounced with some individuals.

Another interesting benefit of ALCAR is the compounds effects on insulin sensitivity. Poor insulin response is the defining characteristic of type 2 diabetes. ALCAR was shown to improve insulin response and reduce nerve pain associated with the disease. Because of this unique relationship with insulin, ALCAR also doubles as an effective way to control blood sugar. If your blood sugar is out of whack your mood and focus will be as well.

Full review

500mg of ALCAR is enough to throw me into an intensely focused state of mind. I can go from mind numbing brain fog to clarity and mental energy within an hour. I find ALCAR is a strong mental stimulant almost on par with caffeine. In fact, I try to avoid caffeine when taking ALCAR because the combo is TOO stimulating. With that said, there’s nothing like a bit of L-Theanine to take the edge off while also going full gas.

Just an hour ago I took 500mg to write this post and the effects are blatantly obvious. One thing I dislike about many nootropics are the lack of immediate effects. When I take something I want instant action. When you drink a cup of coffee, you know you’ve taken something. When nicotine hits your blood stream, you know you’ve taken something. When you take compounds like Modafinil, KSM-66, or ALCAR, the effects are right there in your face.

With ALCAR, the brain engages. It’s like a gardener coming through your brain with a gas powered leaf blower, clearing the crap, and flipping the main breaker on his way out…

A clear boost in mood is also noted. I become much more likely to engage with people and carry on a conversation. To be honest, most days I could simply care less about socializing or the trivial details of someones day. My introverted nature means socializing and excessive human contact drain my energy reserves. ALCAR ensures I’m firing on all cylinders with loads of energy to spare, even in times when the world feels like it’s draining me. This makes talking and empathizing with people easy as an afternoon stroll.

Overall, ALCAR agrees with my system and I agree with ALCAR.


ALCAR is a potent nootropic and something I recommend everyone experiment with. Individuals with depression and brain fog stand to benefit the most because ALCAR modulates key neurotransmitters associated with these conditions.

The stuff is dirt cheap for the amount of mental bang you get out of it.


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