Duck Dose Modafinil Closes Down For Good + Alternative Source




Today I write this post to inform you of unfortunate news – one of the best vendors for Modafinil has officially closed their doors. Duck Dose Modafinil was a vendor I frequently recommended to you on the blog and on my You Tube channel. This is unfortunate news to deliver indeed but the facts remain – Duck Dose is no more and you’ll have to look elsewhere to find Modafinil.

What happened?

Duck Dose did not disclose their reason for shutting down and simply put up a basic web page informing us of the closure, thanking the community of people who supported them, and signing off for good.

¬†We saw the same thing happen to Powder City although I will not state that Duck Dose fell on the same sword (lawsuit.) One thing I know for certain is this- nootropics companies have a hard time staying afloat. Credit card processors do not like working with them because of the high risk nature of the nootropics space. There are lawsuits to deal with, charge backs from disgruntled users, etc. Much too messy for the average payment gateway. This leaves businesses in a tough position as they scramble to get paid and stay in business. You may have noticed many of these vendors accept bitcoin as a payment. If you’re into nootropics, I recommend purchasing Bitcoins and using them to pay for product. This will ensure the economy of the nootropics industry stays alive and well.

Where does one buy Modafinil now?

After scouring the internet looking for a worthy replacement I ran across numerous positive reviews for Modafinil Star. Doing a cursory amount of research suggests Modafinil Star is a reputable brand. I will be purchasing Modafinil from them to test the product and customer service, so stay tuned for that.

Final thoughts

Life goes on. I wish the good people of Duck Dose a safe and profitable journey into their next venture.

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