Kratom Review & Long-Term Dosage Strategy

Note from Editor: The following is a user submitted experience.  Author: TSOL911 About 7 years ago, I was first introduced to Kratom.  Since then, it continues to be the mainstay in my daily supplementation for a variety of purposes.  First, I’ve found a profound dopaminergic (AKA mood boost) when approx 3 grams of a Green … Read moreKratom Review & Long-Term Dosage Strategy

Gaia Yellow Vietnam Review

my review of gaia yellow vietnam

Lately I’ve become quite fond of Kratom and trying out all different strains. I’ve mostly stuck to red veins but on this recent order from Gaia I threw in a few curve balls, including a strain called Yellow Vietnam. I had no idea what Yellow Vietnam was but the name caught my eye and I went for it. It sounded intense, like it carried the heaviness of the Vietnam war deep in its roots.

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