2021 Short Guide To Modafinil

2021 Short Guide To Modafinil

People ask me what the Best Nootropic is every year. My answer has always been the same – Modafinil. Of course there is a spectrum of reasonable answers which depend on your personal chemistry and goals, but such a general question requires a general answer. Personally I prefer Phenylpiracetam over Modafinil for a number of reasons, in particular the short duration of stimulation and more heightened mood and verbal fluency. There are a few problems with Modafinil, but there’s a reason it has remained the king of the stacks. Modafinil has a high efficacy of providing stimulation and focus unlike other Nootropics which are hit and miss. If I could take a guess, perhaps only 30% of users will respond favorably to Nootropics like Piracetam or Phenylpiracetam, where Modafinil sees a much higher success rate. At least in my research, Modafinil reliably provides wakefulness and focus.

What is it?

Here in the U.S. Modafinil is a prescription only medication prescribed for a spectrum of sleep related disorders. Off label it’s used as a Nootropic and provides mental stimulation and focus.

Wait, you said Prescription only?

That’s right. Modafinil is a schedule 4 drug. It is illegal to have on your person without a prescription.

So how do people get it?

Many individuals including myself have come to terms with the risk. There are a number of overseas vendors who happily provide Modafinil to U.S. customers. Vendors have come and gone over the years. Currently Buy Moda and ModafinilXL are 2 reliable vendors I trust. I have personally tested product from both companies and can recommend them in good conscious. They have also been verified by many subscribers.

How risky is ordering?

Very little. Sometimes your package may get seized in customs which is rare. In these cases you receive a “love letter” from customs informing you of the seizure. No action is required from you. Promptly ignore the letter, certainly don’t incriminate yourself with a response. Both Buy Moda and ModafinilXL will reship your order.

Types of Modafinil

I will briefly cover the types of Modafinil you will come across in the wild.

Modalert 200 – Modafinil made by Sun Pharmaceuticals. The gold standard and the version I recommend.

Modvigil 200 – Modafinil made by HAB Pharmaceuticals. The same thing as Modalert manufactured by a different company.

Waklert 150 – Armodafinil made by Sun Pharmaceuticals. Armodafinil is a slightly modified form of Modafinil and designed with a longer duration of effect. Armodafinil comes in 150mg tablets.

Artvigil 150 – Armodafinil made by HAB Pharmaceuticals. Once again, this is HAB pharmas version of Waklert.

You will also find seemingly “generic” brands of Modafinil. Modaheal is a brand I’ve recently discovered. It’s also very good. Modaheal does not have a score down the center of the pill like the others. I do like the score as it allows me to easily snap the pill in half.

There is also a sublingual form of Modafinil floating around called Modafil MD 200. Initially I thought I received fake product because it was sweet. Further testing and research revealed MD 200 was designed for sublingual administration, hence the sweet taste.


modafinilxl productModafinil 2020 Prices

my review of Artvigil

Pro tips

1.) Expect to pay with Bitcoin. Some vendors do take credit cards but I don’t recommend it. Usually your bank or credit card processor immediately blocks the transaction, and now there’s a record of your purchase. It’s much safer to purchase with Bitcoin and many vendors incentivize you with 30% off if you pay with crypto.

2.) Take half. I find half a dose works just as well.

3.) Stack with L-Theanine to take the edge off.

4.) Stack with Phenibut for roaring energy levels.

5.) Take frequent breaks.

6.) Stay hydrated.

If you have any questions drop them below.

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