Kratom Withdrawal Day 1

Kratom Withdrawal Day 1

Today marks 24 hours since my last dose of Kratom so this post will document how I’m currently feeling. For a little context, I’ve been using Kratom everyday for the past 1.5 months. My doses ranged anywhere from 4 – 10 grams depending on the day. Some days I would take 2 separate doses – one dose in the morning and then another at night.

I woke up this morning with the psychological urge to take a dose. Unfortunately for my brain I’m all out of Kratom, so it will have to get used to it. I do find Kratom very addicting. It’s similar to alcohol in the sense that it’s an all or nothing thing. I’m either using it everyday or not at all. I found it nearly impossible to have a stash around me and not use it. Of course, the best way to use any compound is to cycle it. Put 2 or 3 days between your doses etc. This is always good advice for anything, but for some people and compounds it’s an all or nothing choice. I can use certain compounds sparingly with no problems – Modafinil and Phenibut come to mind.

For Kratom, it’s just too addicting and my mind won’t leave me alone if I know the stash is there.

So yes, upon waking there was the gravitational pull to take a dose. I fought through the urge fairly easily. Had I been sitting on a stash of Kratom I would have lost the argument for sure. Not having any product certainly helps the brain come to terms with the realities of the situation.

I took 4 grams of Piracetam and 100mg of Modafinil upon rising. I wasn’t feeling particularly tired, but I wanted to pre game any energy problems I might have faced. This stack allowed me to get a lot of work done early in the day. Keeping busy is always a good thing when battling addictions.

In the afternoon I hopped on my road bike and put in 10 miles. The intensity of the exercise was moderate. I sweat a great deal on the bike. Coming back and laying down for a minute I did feel a bit of restlessness in the legs. Perhaps I was sore from the ride, or perhaps it’s the withdrawals. One thing I read about was RLS (restless leg syndrome.)

I took a magnesium supplement shortly after dinner which helps the body relax. Magnesium is crucial for any withdrawal. Coming off the booze it helped too, although just barely. It certainly won’t prevent seizures but it can take the edge off to a degree. Actually looking back, nothing except Etizolam truly brought me any relief from the alcohol DTs.

And that’s the thing – I compare withdrawals to what I faced coming off the booze which were nothing short of satanic and horrifying. If I can get through those anything else will be a walk in the park in my mind. I will eat my words if I’m wrong, but my ability to suffer through minor physical withdrawals is very strong. I read through a number of posts on Reddit about other people quitting Kratom. Some people checked themselves into facilities. I don’t see it coming to that. Embrace the suffering is my motto.

So day 1, psychological withdrawals are present. The classic thoughts of “How am I going to get through life without it” are certainly at the foreground of my mind. I’m also beginning to feel a sense of restlessness in my limbs. To what extent is all this the result of me reading about the experiences of others? Who knows, it could be psychosomatic.  My opinion on withdrawals is they make themselves very obvious. If you have to question whether or not they’re happening, it’s probably all in your head.

I will report back.

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