Kratom Withdrawal Day 2

Kratom Withdrawal Day 2

Today is day 2 of my Kratom withdrawal. Check out day 1 here.

Last night I had a horrible time sleeping. This was a result of taking Modafinil and also the withdrawals. Both of these circumstances combined to produce a relentless insomnia. It was around 5am before I was able to doze off and catch some Zs, throwing off my entire rhythm.

Upon waking at 11am I felt a sense of low level Depression. Nothing major, but like a refrigerator hum of apathy and low motivation operating in the background. I sat with myself for a few brief moments. It would be nice to take some Kratom and feel the warm embrace of the Kraken once again, I think to myself. Too bad I don’t have any.

Before I reached for the cure I wanted to feel every ounce of withdrawal possible. No physical symptoms to report. I did sneeze a couple times, but overall my physical body feels normal.

I do wonder how much of this Depression was caused by the poor sleep, and not the Kratom. Certainly it’s a cocktail of both mixing in my brain.

I reached for 5mg of 2-FMA – a novel stimulant. This blasted me through a few work related items I needed to handle. The stimulant nature of the 2-FMA brought me out of the haze and allowed me a few hours of solid productivity.

I really should have gotten on the road bike for a few miles, but I feel totally sacked from my ride the day before. I get my work done and begin relaxing.

As the day wore on I had what you might call a cold flash – feeling a sudden sense of the shivers. I put on a jacket. These effects quickly subsided.

As I write this I feel mostly normal. I am considering taking something like Etizolam to sleep. I will NOT take Phenibut, as I’m in no state to deal with the rebound anxiety and consequences. The Phenibut though being a Gabapentanoid, does handle the restlessness quite well and relaxes nerves. Perhaps if I was experiencing nerve pain or muscle pain I’d consider the Phenibut, but so far only mild withdrawal symptoms persist.

They say days 3 – 5 are the worst.

Come at me Kraken, show me what you are made of.

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James Anthony FlorCruz
James Anthony FlorCruz
5 months ago

I’ve been taking 10+ a day every day for like three years haha lmk how it goes

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