Why You Should Stock Up On Modafinil Immediately

Why You Should Stock Up On Modafinil Immediately

Note from the editor: I recently sent the following out as an email blast but reposting it here for those not on the email list. 

Ladies and gentleman,

This is a quick public service announcement. Many of you have asked me about what Nootropics are potentially on the chopping block as far as banning, or ease of access. In the recent months we’ve seen both Piracetam and Flmodafinil take major hits. Big vendors like Nootropics Depot are no longer stocking Piracetam powder, and Flmodafinil has been banned for production in China. Overseas vendors like MondialK and Chemical Collective have recently either gone out of business (MondialK) or ceased their U.S. shipments completely (Chemical Collective.)

I wrote about these events in a post called the death of the Nootropics industry.

All of this is not painting a good picture. With the coming holidays USPS and shipping times could take a hit as well (Even worse than they currently are with COVID.)

Now is the time to place orders and secure product before something nasty happens. I can’t be certain where the industry will go or when it will be impossible to obtain Modafinil. All I know is I never saw this coming and there’s no easy way to foresee the future. This is why preparation is key. If anything, placing an order soon ensures a normal delivery time. Current orders are already taking up to 30 days to arrive.

Right now there are 2 vendors I trust. This is Buy Moda and ModafinilXL.

My recommendation would be to place orders with both companies to ensure a delivery. In the past I have placed multiple orders days apart from each other as a delivery strategy. The odds of both packages getting seized or not delivered are low.

Just a heads up so good luck and coffee cheers!!


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