No, You Cannot Buy Modafinil Over The Counter

No, You Cannot Buy Modafinil Over The Counter

The worlds greatest smart drug is surprisingly hard to come by. Enthusiastic Nootropics newcomers mistakenly hit up their local Walgreens the moment they hear about Modafinil. As they scan the supplement aisles they struggle to find anything called “Provigil” or “Modafinil.” They might even ask the Pharmaceutical Assistant for help.

It is at this moment they realize…

Modafinil is not available OTC (over the counter.)

In fact, Modafinil is a schedule 4 drug in the United States. This means it is illegal to posses Modafinil without a prescription. Most individuals give up at this point realizing they don’t have a medical condition relevant enough to secure a prescription.

But is all hope lost?

Despite the obvious barrier to entry a handful of overseas vendors supply generic Modafinil to the public. How can this be? Well, much of the generic Modafinil is made in India and simply shipped to you in discreet packaging.

Those who want to buy Modafinil can do so through vendors like Buy Moda. I’ve done so many times. Packages typically take 1 – 2 weeks to arrive. They will stay in US customs for about a week before clearing, at which point the package makes its way to your shipping address. I have not had a problem with US Customs seizing my packages nor do I worry about criminal charges. If a package is seized you will receive a letter stating the reasons. If you do not respond to the letter US customs discards your package. There have been no known reports of criminal prosecution levied against individuals who have ordered Modafinil.

If at this point you’ve decided to place an order online you should know a few things…

Modafinil comes in 2 types. There’s your standard Modafinil and then there’s Armodafinil. The differences between these 2 compounds are subtle but noteworthy.

Modafinil and Armodafinil are the chemical compounds while everything else are simply brand names made by 2 different pharmaceutical companies – Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma.

For example….

Modalert is Modafinil made by Sun Pharma

Modvigil is Modafinil made by HAB Pharma

Waklert is Armodafinil made by Sun Pharma

Artvigil is Armodafinil made by HAB Pharma

So you can see there are 2 types of core compounds (Modafinil + Armodafinil) 2 companies who make them (Sun Pharma + HAB Pharma) and 4 different brands split between the 2 companies (Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, Artvigil.)

Check out this post for a full breakdown of the different versions.

Modafinil vs Armodafinil

These 2 heavy hitting agents are similar but Armodafinil is slightly different on the chemical level. The physical structure of the compound makes it longer lasting and more effective. You need less Armodafinil to achieve the same results. For example, Modafinil comes in 200mg tablets while Armodafinil comes in 150mg tablets. I personally find the Armodafinil versions (Waklert and Artvigil) are too strong for my tastes. I become overstimulated to the point of becoming irrationally fearful of my surroundings. It’s funny, I know it’s just a drug effecting me but sometimes you can’t escape the chemicals in your brain. You can’t convince your mind that what you’re going through is the result of a drug, and will soon pass. Do not be too cavalier about this, Modafinil is most powerful especially in people already predisposed to anxiety and negative effects from stimulants. I’m a high anxiety individual and these compounds have big effects on me. Ask yourself, do you get anxiety from coffee? Are you a naturally anxious person? If so, be aware of just how strong something like Modafinil can be for you. Perhaps you are NOT an anxious person, I wish I had that particular neurological make up at times, believe me. Understand these core differences and be aware that Armodafinil is much stronger. I find Modalert is super clean, smooth, and doesn’t effect my anxiety in a big way like Armodafinil.

Where to purchase

Modafinil vendors come and go but I always keep an updated link here to a current source. Keep in mind most vendors will only accept Bitcoin. Read my bitcoin guide for a crash course to using the currency. If you have any questions drop a comment below or send me an email using the contact form.

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