Oxiracetam Reloaded 2020 Review

Oxiracetam Reloaded 2020 Review

A few days ago I ran out of my staple Nootropics – Piracetam. I also was out of Phenylpiracetam and was wondering how the hell I was going to make it through the week. After placing an order which should have been placed weeks ago, I began rummaging through my Nootropics stash looking for a mental edge. I came upon my bottle of Oxiracetam powder. I remember experiencing somewhat limited results my first go with Oxiracetam. Despite this, I concluded this was the best thing I had on hand and took a Gram. In fact, I would take a Gram everyday over the next 5 days.

This round of experimentation proved to be an entirely different experience. The Oxiracetam seemed to be working like a much more potent Piracetam. My thoughts became intensfied. So much so I would frequently find myself getting sucked in to rabbit holes of the mind. Upon completely dissecting a particular thought I would snap out of it and come back to reality with a jolt. Now, I’m a natural day dreamer but instead of day dreams I would have day problems – certain logical and logistical problems I needed to solve were at the forefront of these rabbit holes.

There’s a level of mental clarity with Oxiracetam. The brain fog disappears. The mental sluggishness disappears. The cobwebs are swept away leaving the brain in a clean slate. I was making connections and seeing through situations with ruthless logic. For example, me and a friend went through Jack In The Box drive thru. I ordered the curly frys. Me and my friend saw the lady put REGULAR fries in the bag. I immediately concluded that they were out of the curly fries and she gave us the regular ones hoping we wouldn’t notice. After all, there was a massive line behind us. I I explained to my friend this exact thought. As my friend alerted her to the error in the order, she told us to pull in to the parking lot because they had to make a new batch. CASE CLOSED MY DEAR WATSON. The lady even denied that we ordered the curly fries yet they were on the receipt! Whatever, I was in no mood to argue.

As comical as that sounds you must understand my brain generally doesn’t make connections like that. In fact, in a normal state I would have for sure drove off without even checking the order! I would continue to make these types of connections throughout the day. It was like I was seeing behind the curtain. I was peering in to the underpinnings of reality.

I found certain activities particularly pleasurable. Music was amazing. Making music was amazing. Conversing with others was effortless. I felt as if I had plenty of mental energy to tackle brain intensive tasks.

I will continue to experiment with Oxiracetam until my Piracetam comes. In fact, I know the 2 will make a killer combo and look forward to the stack.


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