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Modafinil User Reviews Mega Thread
Welcome to the official Modafinil review thread! If you have experience with Modafinil tell us about it below.

Here are a few things you can talk about:

  • How long have you been using Modafinil?
  • When did you first hear about it?
  • How often do you take it?
  • Your preferred vendor
  • Any problems with shipping/customs?
  • Your personal Modafinil tips, tricks, and stacks
Drop a 100+ word review below to qualify for the upcoming Modafinil giveaway drawing! 

hey! you definitely wanna have some of that stuff available, (the modafinil!) just like fallon and others have said, for times when maybe you need to work thru the night or whatever, definitely it lends itself well to long, repetitive work, or even physical labor, which , if i had been doing something like that, a few times having took 100mg then i might not have gotten so grouchy or irritable!
definitely it's a good thing, to have in your arsenal, along with many other things like fallon tells us a lot about! he's such a good sport, isn't he! i was actually a winner of the modafinil givaway a year ago, wow, is it already a year ago, and i hope that i'm not disqualified from winning another round, but most people can get things easier than we can here in northern michigan where there's lots of trees and snow, currently, and thankfully none-too-many snowmobiles this year, haha!
if you had to get stuck working a double shift, say, you were supposed to get out of work at midnight, after working from 2pm til midnight, and then someone didn't show up for their midnight shift, as has happened to me quite a few tiimes , then you'd be stuck working another nine hours , times like these are when i really could've used modafinil, and some other nootropics, like phenylpiracetam, piracetam, those are two favorites, - i still want to try all the racetams, the aniracetam was great, it seemed like it was more short-lived, but very much a great thing, i'll need more to speak more about pretty much any of these, haha! in closing, i'd like to thank my parents, and the parents of young fallon, who must've done quite a bit right, and rightly! good day~!

let's say you're a drummer: you want anything that can help ya, but first you need to learn your instrument, son, or daughter!
there's a girl from a group on you tube called dos muertos, to see her just playin' the drums alone, you might not be that impressed, but when you hear her with the band, in the context of the songs, she is just outta sight! she's a good candidate for nootropics, for instance, i would call her very accomplished- not that i think she needs any help! but nootropics can help you do whatever it is you can do, and get even better at it! don't scoff! try it! you just might like it! but it's not for everybody! hopefully you'll know!
I don't have any experience with Modafinil but I would love to give it a try. I have 2 kids and one on the way "boy do date February 19"! I could definitely use something that gives me a little energy. I would just buy some but I'm kinda scared to spend money on something i don't absolutely NEED when i have 2 kids and a wife to feed. Money's tight and times are tough. I don't really care for phenibut it makes me blah. Tianeptine is extremely expensive Etizolam helps me relax but who has time for relaxation? I know this isn't very helpful for anyone searching for Modafinil effects but just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth of knowledge.
How long have you been using Modafinil?
Me personally i have used it on 2 seperate periods. It was delivered in strips of 10 so i used this on 2 seperate periods.

When did you first hear about it?
I am involved in the fitness scene and everyone is looking for good focus ingredients to keep in the zone. This is when Modafinil started to surface for me
How often do you take it?
I took 100mg for the first 3 days then ran 200mg every few days after then.

Your preferred vendor
I only had a UK based company Modafinil product. So can only comment on this brand. DAWA.

Any problems with shipping/customs?
Zilch! Was being ahipped from Uk to the UK so was no hassles whatsoever.

Your personal Modafinil tips, tricks, and stacks

I tried modafinil alone just to see how the compound worked. Definitely felt a dopamine spike. Not overly energised but a very productive motivational sort of output. I then used it alongside a pre workout which had a load of goodies in their so the combo was VERY strong but..... Enjoyable. I have also tried Modafinil alongside L-theanine but in my opinion their not synergistic compounds together but i did notice if i took Modafinil then later on took L-Theanine i just felt very relaxed.

Tips. Take it in an empty stomach. I tried it once with food and felt very little. So i always take it on an empty stomach. It can dampen your appetite so keep this in mind for the remainder of the day so.... Make sure to eat well.

Another tip is it very synergistic with caffeine. So a morning coffee and your modafinil dose is awesome.

My overall conclusion is Modafinil is awesome compound but use sparingly. Just like any compound we build tolerance. So use when needed and take breaks now and again.
I can not wait to try Modafinil. I'm gonna check these guys out also. Also, loved the Bromantane reviews. Another one for the list.
Hello I’m new here I’m A modafenil user about five years now, I first heard about modafinil by listening to Dave Asprey . happy about this page and Fallon because I recently moved to the United States and I didn’t know where to buy modafenil, I just made my first order in bymoda, I’m waiting for my order and let you know how it went but right now I’m happy because they have a very good response to any questions you have.
I used to buy modafenil without prescription in Mexico you don’t need it there, They sell it at Costco. Right now I can’t cross to Mexico so this is a good website to get to know where to buy without any problems. I take
Half a pill in a empty stomach with coffee and that’s it it works pretty well and is helping me out to study for my GED so far I have passed all the subjects except math I’m still Workin on it . Overall modafenil Keeps me focused on the gym focus on the job Focus in school and at home it makes me want to clean up the house. I don’t take it every day I take it three times a week and rest so I don’t build a tolerance to it.
Fallon.. My hero
He knows me on YT and through email under another name and for my privacy purposes I am excited to have found he began a forum where I can participate as time allows.. I also was a past winner of modafinal from him approx a year ago..

My situation is a bit different as my absorption level is not the same as the average Joe. I had a gastric bypass 10 years ago so when I take any kind of medication regardless of what it is it does not necessarily work the same as it does for anybody else no matter what it is and unfortunately I tried a couple of different variations. I did try them on an empty stomach I also stacked with caffeine and did the tips tricks and other recommended ways to optimize the effects and for some reason I was really disappointed with the outcomes.

However I must iterate with that being said I blame my body's reaction 2 the modafinil rather than the modafinil abilities itself. I also had hopes of weaning off my Physicians prescription of adderal for my ADD I'm taking a more healthy route with the modafinil and being able to function just as equal and that did not happen since I could not get the same synergistic effects which again I know comes from the difficulty of the absorption caveat I need to deal with the rest of my life.

I do want to give it another try I am however recovering from a major pivoting point in my life post breakdown from a year-and-a-half ago. Being on the cusp of 50 years old and having been prior to the break down a very high functioning and well-known figure in the public sector I am dealing with a plethora of issues regaining my life again this is not just about Focus keeping that in mind.

I am sure modafinil is great 4 the college student or there's people needing get through projects Etc

As far as myself, Modafinal was being considered as a possible anticipated 1 intricate part = whole sum regarding long time outlook & continuation of my healing process.

Make sense?
You can take modafinal sublingually?

Place it under your tongue for 10 minutes and it will hit your bloodstream without the gastric bypass absorption issue. Their is also a liquid solution you can purchase and you mix your dose into a small amount of solution and then put it under your tongue. This will improve the absorption and get you the dose you measured out.

I always thought a pill had to be actually designed for sublingual administration but it's not the case. I took melatonin a few nights ago. I had eaten dinner prior and i says i ain't gonna swallow this as it will take hours to digest and then i will probably wake up groggy in the morning. I took a 3mg pill and split it in half and placed it under my tongue for a good 10-15 minutes and let the pill completely dissolve and instead of swallowing i spat out any residue so none reached my stomach. 20 minutes later i could barely keep my eyes open and zonked out. No groggy feeling the next day. Great sleep.

Worth a try?

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