by AlphaBanana at 2 hours ago
Fallon's latest 2 videos made me think about nootropics in general. 

I do not say that it is a waste of money or time as it really can help you a little bit. Of course some people expect too much and then they are disappointed but still nootropics like Modafinil, Phenypiracetam, L-Theanin, Magnesium Glycinate and Phenibute are really worth every penny.

If you tried nootropics and they don't work, don't trow them away, just give it to a friend , or like me to a client. Like at the moment I give some of my clients a nice "booster" which is 100mg of Phenyl Piracetam with 750mg of Oxiracetam (Oxi didn't really work for me). They are very happy about it lately they insist 2 to 3 times per week to take that booster, of course they also pay for that. 

But coming back to nootropics: there is no quick fix in life. You have to work hard but 200mg of Modafinil can make it a little bit easier for you if you know what I mean  Big Grin

Dave Asprey was 8 years on Modafinil and he confirmed that without taking it he wouldn't beeing able to run his businesses. 

For me I keep taking Modafinil once a week for a long day, I keep taking Phenibut on Saturday to have a deep sleep and sex is also better with it and I keep taking Magnesium with L-Theanine before I go to bed during the week.
by Fallon at 08-21-2019, 06:12 AM
Nootropics Depot is easily one of the most reliable vendors in the industry and recently have been cranking out some impressive stacks. Below I've compiled a list of some of my personal favorites from this heavy hitting vendor.

Of course, drop a comment on some of your favorites too! 

DynaMax - A potent combination of Caffeine, L-Theanine, and a compound called Methylliberine. The capsules contain both an immediate release and extended release version of Caffeine. This provides and instant jolt of energy while the XR (extended release) continues to dose out long lasting effects. The L-Theanine of course completely smooths out the jitters from the stimulating nature of the Caffeine. A very nice stack to power through moments of low energy and lethargy.

MicroMag - Magnesium is a staple in my anti-anxiety arsenal. The problem is, many Magnesium supplements have poor absorption. MicroMag takes a popular form of Magnesium called Magnesium Oxide and makes it extremely bio-available. This results in almost instantaneous relaxation and calmness. This form of Magnesium is also much easier on the stomach and doesn't have the laxative effect like many other forms of this mineral.

Caffeine + L-Tyrosine Solution - This liquid stack delivers a safe and powerful jolt to the brain. This is a liquid solution you drop under the tongue. Taking Nootropics in this way allows for a deep absorption into the blood stream and pronounced effects. L-Tyrosine is mentally energizing due to it being a direct building block to Dopamine. You're going to feel a solid 3 - 4 hour boost in motivation and as the Mens Warehouse guy says, I guarantee it.

Piracetam Powder - Good ol' Piracetam. My absolute favorite synthetic Nootropic. This stuff gets both sides of the brain communicating, increases oxygen to the brain, and delivers a cognitive boost you simply won't get from anything else. It stacks well with many other Nootropics too. In fact, It's the only Nootropic I keep right on my desk for easy access.

KSM-66 - This is a potent Ashwagandha extract. Ashwagandha is also called Indian Ginseng and a well known calming agent. Ashwagandha has been shown to reduce stress levels by directly lowering cortisol and modulating other stress related hormones. A solid natural method of taking the edge off your day to day stress.

Phenylpiracetam - Phenylpiracetam ranks high on my list of absolute favorite Nootropics. Phenylpiracetam is the most stimulating racetam of the bunch and increases physical vigor alongside mental acuity. It's punchy stuff. Stacks nicely with Piracetam. I will typically take 200mg of Phenylpiracetam with 1 - 2 Grams of Piracetam for all day relentless energy levels.

NAC - This one was an absolute game changer for my anxiety. N-Acetyl-Cysteine reduces obsessive behavior, calms anxiety, and can treat addiction. It's a precursor to Glutathione - the bodies most potent anti-oxidant. Taken before a night of drinking, this stuff basically crushes hangovers by optimizing the elimination of alcohol and free radical damage.

Phenibut - Of course Phenibut must be included on this list. While it's more of a drug/nootropic hybrid, Phenibut absolutely crushes anxiety. It's one of the most popular Nootropic and the Nootropics Depot HCL capsules are very good.

Fasoracetam - The king of the calming racetams. Fasoracetam chills out the brain without sedating you. I like to stack it with Phenibut. It makes the brain much more sensitive to Phenibut so you need less...resulting in far less rebound anxiety.

CDP-Choline - A source of Choline must get an honorable mention. I prefer CDP-Choline over other sources due its Dopaminergic component. It converts to Uridine which contributes to overall Dopamine stimulation. It's a solid energizing compound with strong motivational elements. Take with L-Tyrosine and in you're in for quite a treat.
Check out them them out today[url=]
 to see what kind of deals they are running. Prices are always very reasonable and the quality unmatched. They also give you free shipping on orders over $50 bucks so I always take advantage of that considering shipping can range from $7 - $15.
by No1NootropicExercise at 08-17-2019, 03:59 AM
I picked up a box of Yogi Positive Energy Tea as it was on sale at my local supermarket and replaced my morning coffee with 3 bags of the tea along with 2 tbsp of coconut oil and half a can of coconut milk blended which essentially is 'bulletproof tea' as I am on the great keto diet. I was really blown away by the long lasting relaxed laser focus feeling that the tea provided. It contains all organic ingredients including yerba mate, black tea, green tea, ashwagandha, tulsi, and some ginseng root extracts along with a couple of other ingredients at the cost of just 3.99. Fallon, you must give this stuff a go.
by friedrich_ux at 08-17-2019, 03:22 AM
A review of Purisure's Sulbutiamine.

Positive Effects:

Increased focus, energy and endurance. Certainly dopaminergic.

Negative Effects:

Tastes terrible, short half life (4 hours), builds up tolerance quickly, necessary to cycle, feel incredibly fatigued after it wears off (withdrawal?), potentially addictive.


Not worth it, may try ND's Sulbutiamine in the future to make sure it's an issue with the substance and not just a potentially inferior product from Purisure.

PS: Hope I win one of the giveaways this month, would like to try both but especially Moda, have tried Adrafinil and curious about the difference.

Birthday review Smile
by Frederic P Firth at 08-16-2019, 03:37 AM
I know Etizolam is not a Nootropic but I know Fallon has mentioned it in vids. Does anyone have a reliable place to make a purchase? I really don't want to get scammed, there's a ton of sites but it's hard to know what places to trust. Thanks for any help. I think I need something stronger for a few anxiety situations I have coming up such as flying.
by Fallon at 08-15-2019, 07:24 PM
Another month of giveaways!  Big Grin

This is another DOUBLE. If you're on the giveaway email list you are automagically entered in to win Modalert 200mg from Buy Moda. 

The second pool of drawings is exclusive to Forum reviewers. Simply write up a good review on one of your favorite Nootropics in the review section. At the end of the month all reviewers go in to a second pool of contestants who stand to win Mind Lab Pro, the flag ship Nootropics stack from Opti Nutra.

That is all. Good luck! 


by Mags at 08-15-2019, 07:07 PM
Trying to choose from one of these! Idk if they do different things. I want more energy and less brain fog. Thanks!
by at 08-15-2019, 03:40 PM
Coffee+ ashwagandha+ l-theanine
by retroatavism at 08-14-2019, 11:58 PM
hey, oops, it's not like i'm tryin' to get more free stuff, but i mean, it's not like i [don't]  barely make it month-to-month either, i'm just a peasant, see, but still!  i just had to say, fallon's a great guy!    and i was tryin' to paste what i wanted to post in the comments on the latest video, here, instead of there, so as not to , well, y'know, always be talkin' too much...anyways!  but!   as a previous winner, i think if i win again, then i'd rather not let it be known publicly, if y'don't mind my sayin' so!  just sayin'!  haha!  *peace!*
   out of like, a hundred thousand contestants, what're the chances...  i mean, it wouldn't even be fair, if i would win again,  i mean,,,but i would not mind some hi-quality kratom, hint-hint!!  that stuff is frickin' dyno-mite, man!  as it is, all's i can say is, fallon's a great guy, and nobody's that nice, he must be up-to-no-good!    just kidding, but how-does-he-do-it!    it must be nice to be such a prodigy, like some ben-shapiro-type-character..... too-tough-to-tango!  too-whip-to-wahtusi, yo!    *peace*~!   
   out of like, a hundred thousand contestants, what're the chances...  i mean, it wouldn't even be fair, if i would win again,  i mean,,,but i would not mind some hi-quality kratom, hint-hint!!  that stuff is frickin' dyno-mite, man!  as it is, all's i can say is, fallon's a great guy, and nobody's that nice, he must be up-to-no-good!    just kidding, but how-does-he-do-it!    it must be nice to be such a prodigy, like some ben-shapiro-type-character..... too-tough-to-tango!  too-whip-to-wahtusi, yo!    *peace*~!   

oops, yeah, no! what i wanna do, is, uh, find the other threads, uh, this'll take a little bit of practise, i guess- so ''who's there! show yourselves!'' - famous last words, haha!
''i'll be back!'' ''hey, i *heard that!*'' haha! **peace!** ~
by Fallon at 08-13-2019, 05:41 AM
Today marks day 9 on the Keto diet where I've been drastically limiting carbs in favor of higher fat and protein foods. I woke up today and decided I was going to make myself a nice cup of coffee with a side of Piracetam and Phenylpiracetam. On the keto my overall brain energy levels are relentless and I feel there isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Taking 4G of Piracetam and 200mg of Phenylpiracetam sent me to the moon.

I feel as though a sense of mania has washed over my brain. It will not slow down and my only options are to continuously work and read. The changes in perception on Keto have been quite profound, it does feel like I am in a kind of altered state of consciousness.  

I will no doubt have to slow down on these energetic type nootropics as the fasting/keto has really turned my brain into an energy machine, I do not need any excess energy...although Piracetam is one of my all time favorite Nootrpics for cranking on creativity. The phenylpiracetam was no doubt a bit much.

Tonight I will no doubt have a bit of insomnia. Maybe upping my calories will tone down this sense of euphoria. I believe fasting does put the mind into a heightened state of awareness. From an evolutionary standpoint, the brain needs to be fully optimal to go out and hunt down a food source successful. Everything is acute, I would say even my vision appears crisper.

Overall I'd rather have an abundance of energy than feel depressed and lethargic.
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