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Phenylpiracetam in stock?
Hey @Fallon, I couldn't remember which Racetam you had been looking for.  I found a new site ( I have NEVER ordered from them and I am not affiliated with them in any way - I absolutely DO NOT VOUCH for them)
(site in question =  )

I thought you wanted Phenylpiracetam.  Was that right? anyway, I was actually looking for some phenibut and I ran into this site.  I only even brought it to the forum because It passed the 1st test I do on new sites.  Which doesn't prove shit lol.. I like to always run a quick WHOIS on sites and see how long have they been around and when do they expire.  Also, like to keep an eye out for DNS Updates as this can show ownership switch.  Anyway, you are not a noob so DYOR and make up your own mind.  I saw a couple reviews on trust pilot but those are just about worthless.  I didn't check them in the Wayback machine either.  The domain name sounds kinda sus. I did find this
( and it come across as genuine ) on Reddit from like 270 days ago.  the account that mentioned the site seems like a normal guy from the brief scan i did of his recent posts on Reddit. Here is the website I am talking about
I would like to hear your thoughts if you get time to look into it.. Ok well that's all for now Later folks

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