July 2018 Official Kratom Giveaway Announcement

(3) 1 oz packets of green, red, and white vein Kratom strains

For the July 2018 giveaway I will be shipping out 3 sample packs of Kratom from Gaia Botanicals to a single lucky winner. These are 1 oz sample packs of the red, green, and white vein strains.

I also bought a healthy supply for myself and can tell you this is very good product. When I find samples I like I order in massive bulk to prepare for the potential ban…

To qualify for the giveaway make sure you are on the email list as I will be selecting the winner from that list.

The winner will be announced some time in the last week of the month.

Good luck!

How To Buy Nootropics With Bitcoin

If you’ve ever bought nootropics online you might have noticed many vendors accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The largest vendor Nootropics Depot accepts bitcoin as does Modafinil Star and Gaia Botanicals Kratom.

Many of these vendors offer steep discounts if you pay with Bitcoins.

So what’s going on here?

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Core Differences Between Full Spectrum CBD vs Isolate


CBD is exploding all over the internet bringing forth a well spring of new products aimed at ferocious buyers. The cool thing about CBD is the compound can be consumed in many methods. High CBD strains can be smoked, E Juice can be vaped, tinctures can be dropped under the tongue, and there is a healthy supply of edibles and topical creams.

You will no doubt notice many CBD products come labeled as either full spectrum or isolate. So, what are the main differences between these 2 types of CBD?

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The Beginners Guide To CBD

Photo credit:rafaelreverte

The year is 2018 and what a year it has been for technology and Cannabis. As of this writing 9 states have legalized Cannabis for recreational use and 30 have passed legislation for medical purposes. Yes, the monkeys of planet earth have come a long way since the reefer madness days. Even my sweet Christian mother is open to the idea of other people using Cannabis and understands the medicinal aspects of the plant.

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