Where To Buy Modafinil In 2018

my review of Artvigil

**An updated 2019 version of this post has been written**

Modafinil remains one of the greatest productivity supplements you can take. On Modafinil, you experience nothing short of pure action and raw productivity where tasks and projects magically complete themselves. Modafinil has become a staple for entrepreneurs and anybody required to work long hours. As a normal human, working long hours completely drains you mentally and physically. As a human on Modafinil, you demand even more work load.

The fall of Duck Dose

Duck Dose Modafinil was once the standard for high quality Modafinil. Everything I ordered from them came within 7 days and the packaging was ultra discrete. When they went down I took to the internet streets to locate a new supplier on the same level. The search was long but I finally sparked up some communication with a lesser known vendor.

The rise of Modafinil Star

I came across Modafinil Star as a potential replacement for Duck Dose. I noticed a handful of users on Reddit were using these guys so I reached out to them. Communication was smooth and Modafinil Star replied to my emails and inquiries the same day. One massive problem I have with most nootropics vendors is the absolute terrible communication and customer service. For the most part, you cannot reach many of the vendors and they appear to operate on a fly-by-night basis. They do not put any effort into customer service which inevitably turns people away and destroys their business. I had already made up my mind – if these guys had no intention of communicating with me as a customer I was not going to give them my money. I was surprised when I received an email back from Modafinil Star answering a couple questions I had, and in depth answers at that.

Product quality

The various versions of Modafinil in their proper pharmaceutical packaging

Modafinil Star stocks the 4 major versions of Modafinil. Read this post for an in depth explanation of the core differences. I’ve included a brief description of the versions below.

Modalert – The gold standard of Modafinil. Modalert 200mg is by far my favorite modafinil derivative. Modalert is manufactured by SUN Pharmaceuticals.

Modvigil – This is Modafinil manufactured by HAB Pharma pharmaceuticals. It’s good but not as good as Modalert in my opinion.

Waklert – Waklert is Armodafinil manufactured by SUN Pharma. Armodafinil is a slightly stronger and longer lasting Modafinil derivative.

Artvigil – Artvigil is Armodafinil manufactured by HAB Pharma.

The quality from what I’ve tested so far is on par with Duck Dose. Even with the best vendors you will occasionally get duds. In these cases, Modafinil Star is happy to process a return and you send you fresh product. Once again, the staff is extremely helpful. All the tablets come in proper pharmaceutical grade wrapping.

Modafinil prices

Modafinil is not the cheapest thing you can buy but the prices are well worth it considering the amount of effect. Here’s a snap shot I pulled directly from their site.

Wrapping up + extra resources

If you’re thinking about trying Modafinil but don’t want to purchase from a shady vendor, place an order with Modafinil Star. They will take care of you and deliver high quality product.

Here’s a few posts I wrote if you want to learn more about Modafinil:

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