Why I Flushed All My Modafinil

The various versions of Modafinil

I’ll be the first to climb to the top of the mountain to praise Modafinil and its raw effectiveness for enhancing productivity and getting things done. In fact, I’ve used it succesfully to hammer through various projects, road trips, and work related tasks. The stuff is absolutely powerful.

So why did I grab my stash of Modafinil and flush everything down the toilet?

Quite simply, my Modafinil use had reached a point I wasn’t comfortable with. I was using it way too much. I was using it even on days where I had nothing going on, just for the hell of it.

Towards the tail end of my decision to flush everything, I had stayed up for almost 3 days straight on a full blown Modafinil binge. I hadn’t eaten much, my body was eating itself, and I was crashing hard. I finally had to collapse and get sleep. I did however manage to get a shit load of work done, and I wrote a lot of music. One thing I love about Modafinil is how good music sounds. Combined with Phenibut, it’s one of the best recreational nootropics stacks you can take.

I realized if I had the Modafinil around I would continue to take it. Modafinil has addictive qualities on par with coffee and caffeine. If you have an addictive personality and you love stimulants, tread carefully with Modafinil. It’s too easy to abuse it. Abusing something like Modafinil can lead to little sleep, and I’ve found losing sleep is detrimental to cognitive functioning. Fortunately I had gone through the majority of the little round tablets and only flushed about 10. I said goodbye and watched them slowly spin down the drain to make their journey to the waste facility.

I will most definitely buy Modafinil again in the future but for now its time for a break.


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